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A case is won and proven, State level stalking order under electronic weapons

28 Jan 2009 Mailteam works--victims work trends ( a court case is won and proven)

USA Victim James Walbert has won protection order in THE DISTRICT COURT OF SEDGWICK COUNTRY, KANSAS.

This is the very first time in the history of Kansas that A Protection From Stalking has been granted under these devices and Electronic Harassment and Electronic Stalking!
Filed under any and all enrgized devices that effects the Human Nervous System!

Please read attached PDF file.
walbert file.pdf

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Comment by SANDAURA on January 28, 2009 at 9:03am
THis is the restraining order, where is the court judgement?
Comment by Don Lee on January 30, 2009 at 10:59pm
This is amazing! I see it as a positive breakthrough. However how do you enforce it. Do you call the police every time that the E/H starts? here in NYC I recognize many of my E/H voices, and maybe some duplicates. They all seem to have one. If a case is won and there is that restraining order, I imagine that one may call in the local P.D. after they arrive they will as patrolman do, take a report, that stalkers are on the loose. Will they visit the home of this alleged perp? This is what I mean to when I ask that we here keep in mind that ordinary means may be used, which include telephones, cell phones, walkie talkies, and other means to carry E/H into buildings. I visited a friends apartment building looking for an apartment. I went to the supers door, and heard the usual fuzzy sound heard and originating from NYC being carried inside the super's apartment. It was loud, but not breaking any sound decible laws. Not that or too loud, but distinctly audible, emanating from inside. all of a sudden the lobby filled with tenants, as if drawn downstairs to see what was going on, as if there had been an explosion and they heard it and had to respond. I believe that this super put his connected walkie talkie system on high or near a boombox and blasted his building. On the ground floor, it was audible, on upper floors it gets so faint that the talking which goes on may be perceived as one's own thoughts, and it is carried off by ordinary means with cells hooked into each other like in the movie TELEFON. Let me know at
Comment by Mindcon on February 8, 2009 at 6:16pm
BIOEFFECTS: , Psychological Control, ,
Dear @Sir, @Madam,
SATELITE BIO-Electronic/Psychotronic BRAINMind/Body Control/ANNIHILATION Weapons:
God Bless Us, Everyone!
Yours sincerely.
Comment by Turner on February 12, 2009 at 6:26am
I'm hoping that when the ca ca hits the fan all TI's will be able to just pull out their notes of all the attacks or even by memory go to known stalkers or those who had ANY involvment in stalking you and point them out-arrest them-to the penitentry the go. How much prove do we need when this terrorizzt stalking/attacking is out from behind the scenes and everyone can see it for what it is evil?
God bless us all
Comment by Don Lee on February 12, 2009 at 5:07pm
I still see it as a minor breakthrough. I hope that an order like this will enable others to do the same and after this it will be probable cause for the P.D. in many areas to open an investigation into the activities of local perps. personally I am one who believes that if you know your perps, by voice then cells are being used. cells and regular phones. Actually any tool which is capable of emitting a sound,even stereos, and old fashioned tape players, rell to reel types. Any way to use sound as a tool for harassment. here is one exception to this, and that is when neighbors use a stereo to blow you out of bed early Saturdy morning. Maybe even that. Like when yo ake up to hear latin music blasting outside the window and you look to see your car sitting outside up on milk crates withut tires. It is all harassment. My own usually sounds like two persons or more, many of whom I know, from AA, NA or my distant and present past. It sounds like I am hearing their telephone conversations, which I know is impossible. because I am not on the phone. I hear it outside, mostly in my neighborhood, coming from buildings within the area, like the Hilton on the corner. The thing is that those voices speak, and then answers are given. I'll hear at many different times someone call my name. "Don", and then I'll hear someone answer "Yes" and then conversation starts. On egroup appears to be a half a block behind and clearlly speaking with others several blocks ahead. One question is always asked. "How does he hear, (me) when he is inside the building, behind three feet of concrete. Perps ask this. How does he speak. It is then sometimes explained too that he doesn't and that we are all conversing. I hear saff frommy old colege telling them that it is now all the rage. Most eery one has a voice duplicate or someone who sounds like them, similar to them also. I was told that this was done to let me know what it is like to hear thoughts. I have been told that peple hear my thoughts as in when I read silently to myself. I also hear that this is a psychic latch on, where peps channel whatever I or a Ti is reading. Faux ESP or not a search of people's phone records for the past ten years may reveal their connections to you me or to other perps known to you. So go for it. I had a women staff member from my SRO senior building, a staff member actually come out and use another staff member as a foil. As my staff member asked how i was this other one sidled up to us, and said in a lower voice. I don't care if you are taping or not but you had better keep her daughter's Goddamned Fucking nae off the net. This typical of my day and existence threat after threat. brenda Pizzarro is Mom's name the daughter's I don't know at all. How ever, it does bear looking into. I have to ask. They'll deny it. This is why it is important to tape I even bought a digi fr this purpose. That is a way to make a record, which is almost irrefutable. Law enforcement has to have probable cause. personally I believe it is almost any union which carries sound including radio ad TV. It is a new era. I am asure that we see some of it on TV. I believ ethat people aren't raised with the same values today as even during the sixties the heyday of most small revolutionaries dreams. later


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