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#1015 Audio spotlight ordered $1,450 on Ebay new

#1015 Audio spotlight ordered $1,450 on Ebay new

..............We are talking about V2K, hearing inside your head. I
suppose an audio spotlight is something like what you are talking about,
directional ultra sound beams from transducers carrying sound like a
carrier wave that is dispersed when it hits a solid object. I ordered
one a couple of days ago for someone else and it should be in any day
now. We will see if it is effective to demonstrate directed energy,
projecting sound through ultrasound. At least it is and example of
technology most people are unaware of. We can point it at a sign about
our cause and to someone walking by it will seem as if the sign is
saying, "Hey you, read me", and the sound will be coming from the sign.

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by LIM SC on November 24, 2010 at 6:40pm
Only 2 wks ago I started to experience voices in my head only for a second or two each time in one day usually upon awakening in the morning.
I remember the voice is always "heard" in only one side of the ears. Is it bcos of the restriction due to the direction it's coming from?
Comment by treelaw45 TI on November 25, 2010 at 4:30am
It's hard to say. In the beginning when it was definitely microwave I could tell the direction most of the time, not any more though.
Comment by treelaw45 TI on November 26, 2010 at 8:03am
Look up the Navy's MEDUSA microwave weapon. They acknowledge that it uses the microwave hearing effect.


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"that sounds completely posible, I'm really puzzled about who could they be, they could technically be anyone, since you would only need the tools necesary, I live in a poor country that some times doesn't even cover the basic needs of…"
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Who am I dating, shocking!

Dear people,This is shocking!I having trouble seeing in general.The perp manipulates my eyes.I have a boyfriend he's bald.I have seen 4 different versions of him all bald of course.One is young and my hight.One is tall and has long legs and a big belly.One looked like he haf a valcan nose and dark rings around his eyes.I kept looking at him, he ate a lot.He the male perp changes stuff in my eyes. I have seen my boyfriend changes from a avarag face into a wide face that must have been the…See More
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Happy International Women's Day to all women targeted individuals!

Today, on this day that  had certain importance in history, I ask all men, boys, young men and the elderly: "Do you expect your mothers to be silent when you are tortured, destroyed and broken and they know who is behind it all? Do you expect them to be silenced by a death threats and abuse threats?"See More
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Tactics, techniques, tricks of defense for Targeted IndividualsI would like to put together all the tactics, techniques, methods of defense for any problem caused by torture to mind kontrol.I created this web page to collect strategies. Only strategies, and after them translated into the languages of the victims. Example: I am AtlantiTeo and  I have a tinnitus by microchips in my the ears, which at the highest peaks reach 8,000herz measured by audiologist. Thanks to peacepink, I have learned…See More
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