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#1022 Psychology Today: Mass Surveillance and State Control

#1022 Psychology Today: Mass Surveillance and State Control

Mass Surveillance and State Control: The Total Information Awareness Project
by Psychology Today

My Comment:
They are further along than you think
Submitted by Peter Rosenholm on November 29, 2010 - 6:07am.

Thank you for this article. I just watched where separate courts are
being set up for soldiers and police. They might need special
consideration after committing a crime because of PTSD and such.
Another separation is involuntary human experimentation. Today being put under a FISA surveillance leaves the target no legal recourse for attacks and experiments done by mind control and human behavior modification techniques, another name for torture with directed
energy weapons like MEDUSA and V2K. The court is one sided and the
surveillance can be ordered with only an accusation by law enforcement.
The accused can not defend themselves or be represented by legal
council. There are thousands already under these programs meeting up on
line discussing the group stalking, chipping and no-touch-torture
employed on them. All seem to be decent people and some are whistle
blowers. Authorities ignore any complaint by these people and will not
write anything up to leave a paper trail. Of course authorities are not
allowed to comment on an on going investigation. These are life long
investigations though, even conducted in the privacy of the victims own
home. Night after night while the target is stationary some of the worst
things are done. I found medical records that police had me
hospitalized while they searched my home for bomb making materials. I
had legally bought the materials for refilling bullets for hunting and
the range, but nothing was ever said to me and no charges were filed.
That is all it takes today because unfortunately there is a shortage of
actual domestic terrorists in the US today. It actually seemed more like
they were trying to evoke a violent reaction on my part through their
The sad thing is federal grants to universities are actually funding and
driving the development into these areas of study that are invasive to
us even if they are covert in nature like the surveillance and no touch
torture. They are far further along than many might guess.

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