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13000 years old satellite! could it belong to the perps? TIs that overcome the lie will be the saviors of humanity

Check out the below sites or just google: black knight mystery satellite

I believe this is another supporting information that support my theory that the perps has been influencing humanity for thousands of years to cause us to destroy ourselves via their mind control technology. They used their superior tech to pose as gods to our ancestors and enticed them into killing each other. That is why our world is a graveyard of collapsed civilizations. 

There are tons of information attesting to the fact that our forgotten ancient past had periods of high technology. We as TIs must understand that if there were high tech periods in the earths history; Mind control tech would have also been developed in the past. Is it too far fetched to believe there is a ancient mind control machine that was programmed to harass humanity and ultimately make us self destruct is still operating or are being operated by the elites who went underground to escape the nuclear wars they started. If there is another global nuclear war; there will be elites of our society who will go into their underground bases stocked with alll the technology they will need to survive and thrive while the remnants of humanity will suffer and die away in a nuclear wasteland...If we (TIs) overcome the lie perpetrated by the perps that it is our governments and our neighbors who are stalking and harassing via mind control machines; We can prevent humanity from being trapped in the revolution of rising and falling of our civilizations. We can be the harbingers of the evolution of humanity. I trust that the billions or trillions of dollars being funneled to super secret black ops are actually being used to prepare humanity’s defense and ultimate victory against the evil hidden civilization who are scheming day and night to divide and destroy us…..

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Comment by Sally on January 16, 2014 at 9:09am

Sorry Michael im asking many questions because I can relate to where you're coming from. I also believe the global elite are behind this but do you think theyre human or do you think theyve become demonised? And wouldnt you say that they would actually control our governments?

Comment by Michael Graham on January 16, 2014 at 10:30am

There are a lot of people who believe in the conspiracy theory about the global elite controlling the humanity. I believe there is credible evidence that our governments are indeed controlled by the super rich elites. I also believe that they are heavily influenced by the same perps who are trying to grow anti-government sentiments by using people like the TIs while at the same time preying on and amplifying the profit motive greed of the super rich elites into creating a harsh and un equal society where the regular people will not have any hope of ever escaping the financial slavery. I know that the super rich is unconsciously controlled by the perps because if they weren’t blinded by never ending greed; the rich will see the folly of making the society full of poor people. They should understand that the poor will not be able to consume the products produced by their industries. This will surely lead to the collapse of society because there is only so much enslavement that the people will endure. This is why our history is a never ending story of revolutions.

The one world order conspiracy….I think this one is a total BS….when all the governments of the world become ruled by one world governing body….there won’t be any wars . Wars is what the elite want because it means that the weapons production industry they own will make more money. The super rich elite love wars. As well as the hidden civilization’s perps.  So the one world order conspiracy is a BS. Personally speaking I think it will be good when the world becomes a one world order. What’s so bad about that?

To answer your question: Yes, the super rich does control our government because it can impose its will with money. Also, Yes they are controlled by the perps. NO they do not know that they are being controlled. Their egos will not allow them to consciously be controlled. They are controlled via thought inputs, greed emotion manipulation etc….I believe that even the super rich elites will side with us when they become enlightened to the reality.

Another thing I want to add is that there are basis on the old fairytale of good witch of the south and evil witch of the north….the duality of mankind’s thought process could be due to the fact that our minds are a battle ground of the malevolent (religiously speaking demonic) and benevolent (religiously angelic; Good). I believe there is a benevolent beings who are locked in a cold war type situation and they are fighting their battles in the minds of humanity. This could be another reason why the evil perps are not physically invading our surface world. Because there is another civilization who are equally advanced….there are hundreds of years old record from Europe about eye witness testimony that indicates that there was a great aerial battle between the UFOs…….The beings Admiral Byrd met could be our benefactors……Sometimes I wonder if there is thoughts that genuinely belong to myself. I feel like that all the good ideas and thoughts and feelings comes from benevolent beings operating the similar type of equipment and all the negative feelings and thoughts are inputted by the evil perps…..its just that all the people believe everything that is going on in their head to be their own…..I think the only being I am sure of is the ultimate decision maker in me. The thoughts are suggestion by minister of the right and minister of the left. I am the decision maker that choose the action based on those suggestions…I hope you understand what I am talking about. If not that’s fine also….your questions are helping me to articulate what I know. I really appreciate that. Thanks. 


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