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15th February 2010 Diary - My cats, the police and the back of my ear

I decided to write a diary here online. The chances of loss of info is a little smaller. The perps have stolen 3 lap tops, destroyed one memory card and one lap top. I can't be sure that nothing will happen to my diary. So whenever I feel like it, I can put my info here. It is called "documenting".I will try to even write the themes in the title. It can also happen that I can sometimes change what I wrote if I see that something is missing, or if i didn't make myself clear the first time. I might add or delete info. I will also ad pictures.

My cats

Where I live, I take care of a few cats. They live outside and nobody feeds them. I like cats, and I take care of them. Nevertheless, they unfortunately do the same things they do to me, even to the cats.

One of the cats is very friendly. I found it outside one day and it searched for someone nice enough to feed it and take care of it. Even if the cat is an adult, it immediately saw my home as it's own home, but it vanished for a few days. It came back with the jaw hurt and liquid was pouring out, it doesn't smell very well. Just when I thought about going to the vet with it, it vanished again for one day and came back "feeling" a little better.

Another strange thing about the cat is that it seems to hurt in different parts of the body, especially the spine and the liver. The cat was in perfect health the day I found it. And when I think something bad about the perps, the ones that surveillance me, the cat gets aggressive and attacks me. I tried to film it, but the minute I begin videotaping the "aggressive" cat the cat will stop. It will be the normal unaggressive cat it usually is.

Another smaller kitty - I call her Lady or "Girl" - is attacked very bad usually. It likes to sleep sometimes in my bed, and I can see it's body organs moving and has two round things under it's jaw - pretty big things. I wonder what they are and what functions they have. One reason is because I have them too.

I did some shopping today. It was one of the nicer days, nothing in particular happened. I went to the bank and made a withdrawal and bought grocery. I had too much to carry with me, otherwise i had bought a printer. I am thinking about starting to research a little more and print the most important things on paper. It is easier to keep track of papers and information. Reading stuff online or on the screen and on paper are two different things.

The puke ray gun

The "normal" thing is that when I write something and I want to write it well, i can feel like i can't see properly and I feel like a dim is led over my eyes and my "mind", I feel clouded and that's exactly how I feel now. In town today, I felt a few times that they pointed the "vomiting" ray gun on me. They must love this gun, it is their favorite gun. They've made me puke very bad twice at the shopping mall where I usually go shopping.

Once they tortured me with it for "apparent" disobedience, like thinking that they should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. The second time I puked at the shopping mall, I did something very bad, intentionally: I puked on the clothing in the store. Pay with the same coin and they will go milder on you. And as they tortured me with this puke gun at home for 24 hours, I only called them mad men all the time and gave them the finger.

They've stopped using it on me in very large amounts of it. I can throw up on people if they do that - i am usually warning them about that. I found out that getting even is better for me then doing nothing and hope they will eventually realize that we are people that are innocent and suffer in vain. They don't see it that way. They create lies and they are the one believing them and they also act upon them as they were real.

So I need to remind them now and then that I can too do stuff that is not appropriate. Once i threw up in the bus. Fortunately I had a plastic bag with me and used it. Someone else gave me another one, as mine was a little broken.

The thing about the vomiting they provoke is that it is not normal vomiting, the pain and the taste of it is not normal. I can't explain it because I never experienced anything similar.

This one is my favorite cat. I call him blue eyes, or "fur" because of the nice fur.

There is something with their eyes:In particular their left eye.

This is Lady with a black cat that plays alot:

Notice Lady's left eye.

This is the new cat when he was hurt and a picture I took today, he is not hurt anymore in the jaw, even if he is not completely well yet. Besides he has some "genital" problems, like someone is hurting him, but i could not manage to take a good shot. And I am sorry for the cat, I feel like it is wrong to take such pics.

The police

I found the videos names The Love Police on because I visited a Spanish blog about stalking and directed energy weapons that said that this video should be seen and spread around. For me it has another meaning, because the police in my case has been very involved in the stalking department. Once i tried to video record my way around in town and I had to show my papers, to speak with them, they put me in a white room with nothing in it to wait and so on. Just because I filmed and took photos. It is not illegal, as I told them. There are plenty of people that film and take pics in town, even of me. When tourists visit they might take pics and record videos.

Of couse, today they all looked at me, no matter where they were because the videos reminded me about all police involvement.

I see it like this: If innocent defenseless people in a society are targeted with guns (lethal or non-lethal), then the perps are terrorists. Because of the apparent police involvement in harassing me, I call, in my thoughts (as they seem to read them) "terrorists" or "the maffia". Another thing i like to do, is, since I found out that the CIA even invented a gay ray non-lethal weapon is to ask the police in my thoughts if they use it on each other. If I see tow of them I would ask them if they shot each other today, and if it's three of them I would say in my thoughts: "Oh, a threesome"

Today I didn't make fun of them so much. One of the guards at the store was a woman and as I found out that in Spain around 100 women are beaten up and killed by their husbands every year, I asked her in my thoughts if "she is beaten up at home by her husband too".

Sorry ... maybe not every one approves, but believe me, they need to know what they do to us - taste their own medicine. Being nice and polite and obedient just makes us an easier target.

The back of my ears

Looking through the pics I've taken, I noticed that I once took some pictures of the back of my eyers, because i read somewhere on the net, that implants can be operated behind the ears and the person would never find out. See something strange?

Please comment and give your own examples.

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Comment by Carmen L on February 16, 2010 at 12:45pm
I don't trust doctors, period. They collaborate - are perps - here in Spain and the same in Sweden.
Comment by Carmen L on February 16, 2010 at 1:08pm
Hi Carol. I found a page like the one that you describe too, and the "scars" really do look similar.
Comment by Carmen L on February 16, 2010 at 11:53pm
I have bad experiences from a vet, that unfortunately didn't help a puppy i bought and which they killed only 5 days after I bought it. It injected it with 3 shots, promised me that it would recover and was dead when I went back. I had no idea they don't care about anything that is alive. I also contacted a lawyer and didn't get any help, just played along as any other perp would do.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 17, 2010 at 3:05am
similar to what they did causing your scar to have FEELING they do the exact thing to me only in my case I will MAKE a wound as they did on the top of my R FOOT and then implant it with a nano particle and all the while the wound is RAW they will turn on a frequency to cause great pain... have done the same with left thumb and other locations. The other day in front of my very eyes they slashed my L ring finger causing blood to gush out.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 17, 2010 at 3:42am
Hi Alexandra, Happy to see your diary entry - good idea; only now we all need to also go over to Facebook so friends, relatives and the general public can view our plight because they can't visit Peace Pink. If enough of us go public, I wonder if they'll think the whole bunch of us are nuts? The same thing if 1500 of us showed up in D.C. there's no way these crimes could be chalked up to coincidence. Thanks for pictures of wonderful cats. Mine had to be adopted when I left Berkeley, CA, and I miss her. She was was outdoors much of the time but when inside house was so much like a child following me and climbing up on my lap. I couldn't stand to see her be hurt. I had an encounter w/police around taking photos of stalker and police hired an informant to "watch who she takes pictures of." I wish I knew how to file legal papers because I insist on beating them at their own game. nothing worse than corrupt law enforcement. I see it as my civic duty to take them on - The perps have taken control of my keyboard - i notice they messed with the comment below this one.
Comment by Carmen L on February 17, 2010 at 6:13am
HI Lou. Thank you for your encouragement. We really need to encourage each other now and then and it felt good to hear that some day people will LISTEN.
I had the "tumor" or the round ball under my jaw since I was 15-16, that's how early it can start. And the first perp was only 14 years old. That's how early they get to be educated in this. He later, when they really started to target me moved just across the street in Sweden where I lived and I used to tell one of my coworkers that this is a very strange thing. This perp used to call me up and talk filthy at that age. Now he was there to remind me or let me know something was not right. Are they normal? They target children and hire children to target other children. How sick can a "system" really be?
Anyway, I went to the school doctor or nurse to tell her about the round things, and she said to me that it was a virus in my body and that I had to quit smoking. At the same time i received my last vaccines in my leg. They hurt very bad and I told the nurse that I'd been told that I already had all my vaccines. I think that this is how they implanted the nanoparticles in my body, through a vaccine at school.
Another strange thing that happened as you told me about the operation is that my "mind" tooth in my left area, the last big tooth (i hope u understand what I mean) begun to hurt me very bad, and I went to the dentist, that only removed half of it. It was like the tooth had grown into my bones, that's how I felt as she was trying to get it out. Now I have half of it left there. She sent me for an operation and I don't even remember why I didn't go there and what happened. probably they made me forget it or something. I asked for another appointment but I never got any letter from them.
I believe you that they can communicate, because once I was almost a sleep and I heard a voice that called me by my first name whispering coming from my right I think, but I wasn't sure if i was awake or asleep.
They don't suck maybe your ear, what they do it touch you from a distance, they do it with me, they create some kind of doll - a little bit like voodoo according to an article I read in swedish, they want to develope a technique that makes it possible for people for example to touch or stroke a lion at the zoo.
Besides, the sexual harrassment that we all experience I think is done because they want to kill all normal feelings we humans have. 75% of the targeted individuals are females, and we do think less in this department so it's no wonder. Their computer brain must not "think" about sex, or find someone attractive or ugly. That is my theory, as I read an article in the swedish language that companies want to create a computer brain that doesn't think about sex. So for me now, after 1 year of immense torture in that area, I feel nothing so to say. Even if you are not conscious, you might have wishes of love, intimacy and so on, and I think thay want to kill those feelings. Men experience the same things.
I made now an account at able2know.
Comment by Carmen L on February 17, 2010 at 6:25am
About touching at a distance - Once they inserted a NEEDLE into my leg, and it felt very real. They only stopped when I screamed out loud.
Comment by Carmen L on February 17, 2010 at 7:12am
Hi Lynn. Sometimes they take control over the mind, or maybe it is the keyboard, I don't know because me too can read again through a comment and find it different . A few keywords missing and there you go. The comment is changed.
I too decided not to have animals around, even if they are great company and someone that gives one attention. I used too look at them in pet stores only. But how here I live there are a lot of them, and they want food and it is easier to buy cat food for them.
They hurt the cats sometimes to hurt me, and they can make the cats to play as well. I know that because they can do that to signal to me that they have control over them. For example I can think: "Lady is very hurt all the time and it's like she lacks life in her" and in the next minute Lady would play with anything she sees.
Good idea about FaceBook but I hardly use it and have no friends there.Most of my friends don't use internet at all or very little. I would check it out though, I think that I might have created an account.
It is true that many of us together CAN MAKE A DIFFRENCE.
I am sorry that they can hurt you in that way. It seems very bad. One thing that I've noticed that sometimes they make the memories of the greatest pain dissapear or something. It might be why we are so good at surviving,even if they might make misstakes and some people would die or get very sick and even commit suicide.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 18, 2010 at 12:00am
Hi, I'm only on this computer for a minute before I return to the university to use one up there so will comment later on the below. Initially, I was told I was to be a SEX SLAVE and a bunch of things transpired which i won't go into now but I ended up killing that idea for them and they went on to bigger and better things like CYBORG's and INHANCEMENT of the human condition OR perhaps what they had in mind was a combination of the TWO - they intended me to be a cyborg sex slave. Humanity desexed and specialized creatures for the express and sole purpose of SEX.
Comment by Carmen L on February 18, 2010 at 12:31am
Hi Lynn, what you are telling me is scary. Please explain how you found that out, how they told you also. Because I heard that story before and i also had that impression under a period of time to tell you the truth and almost killed myself. Then I found out that they did this at a distance and "changed my mind".


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