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2-19-15 talked with Congressman Tom McClintock last night...

Daniel J Morgan
February 19 at 10:32am · Edited

I talked with Congressman Tom McClintock last night. | Representing the 4th District in California. we spoke for 15 minutes about non consensual monitoring and testing of citizens in California electronically. I also asked him about PRISM, the ongoing subject of surveillance of all our homes phone, smart-cells, email and electronic data information of private citizens, moving into the bio field. He told me he was not only against it all. But said it was growing so fast into so many parts of government he has seen nothing like it. Warrant-less surveillance and it was creepy and horrifying. Congress is so far behind the technology and laws meant to guide us.. Was his words.
As I looked into his eyes I realized he did not understand the depth of our suffering and struggles. But was well aware of the ramped up and abused policies that have been put in place to justify the DOD and DHS, NSA to abuse its powers....

We are all already aware of these issues but its nice to know some of our representatives have some small idea that this is going on and where they stand. I know these are small steps but it all helps...

The letter I received,
I went to his office 2 weeks ago And just got this in my email 2 days ago...

You're Invited: El Dorado Hills Town Hall TONIGHT
Dear Daniel Morgan,

I invite you to join me at my upcoming town hall meeting in El Dorado Hills tonight, Wednesday, February 18, to discuss important issues facing our nation. Please find details for the meeting below:

El Dorado Hills Town Hall
Wednesday, February 18
6:00 PM

Oak Ridge High School
1120 Harvard Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95732

I would appreciate the opportunity to hear from you tonight. If you are unable to attend the town hall, please feel free to submit your questions to my office. You will find all necessary contact information at



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Comment by Daniel Morgan on February 22, 2015 at 7:59am
the way I look at it is not all representatives and senators have full discloses on our issues.. Most of them have very full plates with unions, laws and their constituents. The ones that would have it would be 2nd 3rd tear senators with classification clearance.. The others may see it in polices where it is presented to them as electronic surveillance and monitoring techniques of state or federal threats. Im sure its not presented as weapons or torture in the wording in our policies (Patriot Act). Even though thats the way we see it, because thats what we deal with.. , We need to learn from the Richmond Ca. model and expand on that Idea.... Groups of Ti's working with representatives and or commissioner/Mayor people of power... Also getting it out in the Media in groups not just 1 person, We would win hands down if the facts came out in the national media... also need out of the box thinking, well spoken Ti's and intelligent think tank types working with writers....


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