Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


1. 腦控賤人將一些需要在空間做竊聽工作的人同被腦控不自知的寫字樓職員作為中間併芯片, 令竊聽者的定位位置顯示為寫字樓職員所在位置. 此舉一方面掩護竊聽者的位置, 另一方面當被竊聽者知道後調查時只顯示寫字樓職員所在位置, 而寫字樓職員有公司同事做證人, 證明他們正在處理自己公司事務而非跟蹤竊聽. 增加調查工作的困難. 以上做法是真是假? 技術上如何處理? 有賴科學和腦控機使用者去證實.

  1. 腦控賤人同時利用元朗一處露宿者之家作為併芯片定位, 當調查人員跟蹤到露宿者之家才知道. 有人嘗試遙控電子武器, 發現在場者很多人即時頭痛, 證明很多露宿者確實是被腦控. 老人院一樣有很多不自知的受害者被作為定位系統使用.
  2. 如果你是自知被腦控, 又沒有公司同事作見證人, 又被動地被併芯片作為定位系統, 為避免惹禍上身, 最有效的方法是不停聽收音機, 聽歌, 出外走動. 如在家中, 將家中光線較到最光亮.


  1. 我有另一發現, 我是大眼睛, 當同小眼睛者併芯片時, 眼睛有拉扯和睜不開的感覺, 令眼部週邊出現皺紋和變型.
  2. 據稱腦控賤人慣常手法是控制應賠償而未賠償受害者的生育, 令受害者索償不能延續. 控制受害者生育方法之一是長期將男性同女性併芯片, 令荷爾蒙失調, 不能排卵, 不能生育; 方法二, 將子宮有病患者同受害者併芯片作身體檢查, 令受害者以為自己子宮有病患而切除; 方法三, 將來經期的女子同受害者併芯片, 令受害者經期混亂致不能懷孕
  3. 變態賤人吳震宇同朱咪咪各自為每月一萬元照顧便溺和便秘長者, 控芯片賤人將便溺和便秘長者各自同他們併芯片. 但吳震宇同朱咪咪沒品, 將他們自已同受害者併芯片, 關閉同長者感覺掣, 同時開啟受害者感覺掣, 令受害者飽受便溺和便秘之苦. 可恥!


 在此聲明, 如再將便溺和便秘者同我併芯片, 本人一定按懲罰性索償計算方法同當事人索償.


  1. 腦控賤人拆散夫妻方法, 關閉妻子思維掣, 將他人思維併妻子芯片, 令妻子口出狂言, 虛假思維影響妻子不停無理取閙, 乞人憎, 令丈夫心生厭惡, 再安排年青貌美的女子(腦控賤人自己人)於丈夫身邊以作監視. 達到腦控賤人所要的的最終目的.


Mind Control Space news this week (December 25 to 30, 2017)

  1. The chip controlller used Someone being mind control without self consent,  who working in office  as  position display point that will show in the Radar , conneted with the perp whom needs to do eavesdropping work in the mind control space,  so that eavesdropping position is displayed in stead of office staff . This technical skill used for cover eavesdropping.  On the other hand, when the victim aware being stalking, then follow the stalker, it only displays the location of office staff, at the mean time,  the office staff have company colleagues as witnesses to prove that they are handling their own business rather than tracking eavesdropping.  Such gang stalking skill  true or false? I never practices, the answer could be on scientific and the users  of mind control machine.
    2.  There is other case as position display,  using the place for  homeless  in Yuen Long as a chip positioning, when the investigators tracking the stalker to known.  and then  remotely control electronic weapons attacked and found a lot of people present immediate headache to prove there are a lot of homeless people being mind control as position display, and many victims without self consent also being positioning in the home.
    3. If you are self-aware of being brain-controlled, and without company colleagues as witnesses, but also passive within chip by  chip controller as a positioning point, in order to avoid distractions, the most effective way is to keep listening to the radio, listening to music, go out and walk around, also makingthe light of the home to brightest as you can.
    4. I have another discovery, I am a big eye, when the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with small eyes person, my eyes have the feeling of pulling and can not open, so that the eyes around the appearance of wrinkles and variants.
    5. The metamorphosis perp also used mind control technical to manipulatethe victims' childbirth, since such victim have a large amout of compensation fund but not yet reward. the perp want to keep the amout for his/her own, so used cheap track to make the victim claims can not be continuedone to junior upon awake. One of the ways to within the male chip with the female for long-term, so that hormonal imbalance, unable ovulate, unable pregnant; Method 2, The metamorphosis chip controller with the victim chip with patient got Cervical cancer for physical examination, So that the victims think they have a diseased uterus removed;   Method three, the metamorphosis often within victim's chip with someone on period to physiology mess up the victims Menstrual disorders cause unable pregnant.
     6. This week, the pervert perp Ng Chun Yu and Zhu Mimi for ten thousand per month to within chip with urinate elderly and constipation elderly in their responsibility. but such two persons seduction from morality, within their chip with elders to victim, turn off the feeling key themselves and then turn on the feeling key to the victim,  so that to harassed the victims from suffer from urinate and constipation.
     I hereby warn to that if within my chip with above elders, the chip controller , Ng Chun Yu and Zhu Mimi should be paid the Physiological and psychological compensation to me,  I will claim compensation from the above parties in accordance with the punitive compensation that had post at the date October 6, 2015.
     7. brain control perp used the method to split the couple , turn off victim's wife mind thinking key, use other one's thinking intercepting to the wife, make victim's wife outspoken, negative thinking affect wife keep unreasonable access, annoying at the extreme, make her husband hated her, and then arrange Young and beautiful girl (under perp manipulated person) to her husband for surveillance, to achieve the ultimate goal of brain control perp.



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