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本週喪心病狂指使遙控電子武器者: 譚泳麟, 陳可辛, 何守信, 吳鎮宇, 森美, 錢嘉樂;

本週在腦控空間作孽者: 姓朱的私家偵探, 星二代, 廟街賣唱者, 中醫師, 氣功師;


  1. 本週以何守信, 吳鎮宇為首的賤人, 持續指使遙控電子武器令我同受害者3-5級頭痛. 29日長假期開始早上, 有森美出現潛聲駡人後, 除了吳震宇, 所有明星腦音消失, 有自稱是呂珊廟街賣藝者同吳鎮宇合作, 持續遙控電子武器令我和受害者頭痛, 身體發熱, 嘔心, 胃酸倒流. 據說是腦控賤人同中醫師, 氣功師傅合作, 利用三天長假期, 遙控電子武器令受害者身體不適問診賺錢.


  1. 腦控賤人控制電信公司職員, 以顧客遺失電話咭為由, 複製顧客電話咭交與腦控賤人作犯法勾當. 例如發放誹謗信息以陷害咭主. 望電信公司管制好職員, 改善公司的現有的漏洞. 同時也提醒用家小心.


  1. 在腦控空間發聲(腦音)DJ, 明星, 有部份已身在香港, 大陸坐監, 但他們仍利用潛聲的方法做電台節目, 用之前哈碌的片段剪接入新製作的電影, 以此隱瞞己坐監的事實. 腦控空間犯罪是不需經審判即可收監, 傳媒從未披露, 市民更是無從知曉. 經常有無恥之徒在腦控空間被利用於做犯法勾當後收不到錢而叫囂.


  1. 有同名同姓的人在腦控空間騙取受害者的賠償金. 相信是犯罪集團同付款者有勾結之嫌.


  1. 近期發覺原來星二代也在腦控空間以害人為生, 秦沛之子, 江華之子, 曾志偉之子, 薛家燕之子, 李家鼎之子; 另一方面, 廟街殺街後, 很多賣藝者也在空間以遙控電子武器害人, 勒索為生.


  1. 腦控空間在午夜之後, 變態控芯片賤人經常將受害者同自瀆女併芯片, 令受害者尷尬, 為避免難堪, 個人經驗是戴手套睡覺, 將磁石貼於手套的掌心位置, 變態控芯片賤人一定不會打擾你也沒法嫁禍你.


  1. 上環華秦大廈倆尸命案同腦控賤人有關, 據說因為賤人追討十萬元腦控賠償金所致; 詳細參考:

Mind Control Space news this week (September 24 to 30, 2018)

This week, as mad as loss of conscience crazy perps (giving order to remoted control electronic weapons for headache): Alan Tang, Peter Chan, Ivan Ho, Francis Ng, Sammy Leung, Chin Ka Lok etc.

This week the trouble maker in mind control space: Surname Chu- Private investigation, The second generation of stars, Street singers, Doctors of Chinese medicine, Qigong Actors etc.

  1. This week, the above mentioned perps continued to giving order to remote-control electronic weapons make me and victims 3-5 headaches for 24 hours per day. Began from the 29th long holiday morning, after Sammy Leung appeared to incepting voice, all stars’ brain sounds disappeared except Francis Ng. There is a street singer who claims to be "Liu Shan" will cooperates with Francis Ng in mind control space as trouble makers to continuous remote control electronic weapons for headaches, body heat, nausea, and acid reflux. It is said they were taking order by the doctors of Chinese medicine and The qigong actors for remotely control electronic weapon three-day long, make the victims sick and seeing doctors.
    2. The brain control perp controls the staff of the telecommunications company, copying the customer's telephone sim card for criminal cases. The staff claims to manager that the customer loses the telephone sim card, then re-issuing a new sim card for perp to use, and the sim card owner under unknown situation. The telecom company should control their staffs, improve the company's existing loopholes. Also remind users to be careful for such case.
    3. DJs and movie stars in the brain-controlled space (only the brain sounds), some of them are already in the jail between Hong Kong and mainland china, but they still use their sound intercepting for radio programs, and use the previous video cut for new movie production in order to conceal the fact that they have been imprisoned. Brain-controlled space crimes can be taken without trial, the media has never been disclosed, all the public even unknown the truth. So some people in mind control space received the order from the prisoner of stars to making stupid crimes.
  2. there are some same name persons in mind control space for treating victim's compensation. I believe there is a criminal group who collusion with the payer.
  3. Recently some of second generation of the stars shame to earn for living in the brain control space, the son of Paul Chun, the son of Jiang Wha, the son of Eric Tsang, the son of Nancy Chit, the son of Steve Lee; On the other hand, government close the temple street night club, many street actors are also earn for live in mind control space. Using remote control electronic weapons to harm people, extortion money.
  4. After the midnight, the metamorphosis chip controller within the woman who in self prostitute to victims, misled someone that the victim who in self-prostitute. To avoid embarrassment, personal experience is to wear gloves and put the magnets in the palm of the glove. Such made the metamorphosis chip controller will not bother you and can't blame you.
  5. There is a murder case in Sheung Wan of Hong Kong, the man killed his wife and then suicide. Such case related to the brain control perps. The truth is said that the perp wants the money back from the couple own 100,000 yuan of being brain control compensation, but the wife transfer to someone else; the detail refer to the newspaper link:

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