Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


  1. 變態控芯片賤人經常全開我腦音, 潛入虛假思維, 當我正在聽他人講話時, 現場第三者聽到的是我的腦音在講話. 原理是控芯片人將他人思維由我腦音發出; 另一方面, 全開腦音誤導他人以為我同腦控賤人正在聊天, 實質是腦控賤人問話, 我腦部自然的反應; 有時我自己在思考時發出腦音, 腦控賤人假意接著反應, 所以造成正在聊天的誤會和誤解.




  1. 被併芯片另一個擔心的原因是我不知道併我芯片的是什麼人, 動機是什麼? 是否利用我做為GSP去做犯法勾當.




  1. 當我睡眠時, 變態控芯片賤人經常將身軀比我矮小的人同我併芯片, 令我身體蜷曲, 腿部酸痛, 腿部一經伸直就抽筋. 近期更發展至將多人同我併芯片, 用同個鼻孔呼吸, 令我呼吸困難. 原因是我鼻大而併芯片者鼻細, 感覺有如鼻塞, 呼吸不暢順. 賤人以此剥奪我的睡眠.




  1. 有被腦控者因被同長者併芯片而自覺衰老, 找醫生整容而越整越醜. 在此提醒被腦控者, 整容時要多同醫生溝通, 以免整容變毀容.




  1. 本週腦控賤人持續遙控電子武器令我輕度頭痛, 令我沒法集中精神, 長期感覺疲累.




  1. 腦控空間有姓曾的變態畜牲(有話是曾志豪父親, 有話是之前賭場收數佬), 聯同姓朱的私家偵探, 招攬淫蟲於空間侮辱女性受害者, 視良家婦女為妓女, 併女受害者芯片性騷擾賺錢, 其可恥程度實令人髮指, 其變態丑行人人得而諸之. 而娛樂圈中人對此却等閒視之, 對畜牲的變態行徑習以為常, 相信也參與其中.實在太可恨了!




  1. 7. 本人將於本週後期出外旅遊, 下一期之新聞將順延至1022日繼續. 敬請留意.




Mind Control Space news this week (October 1 to 7, 2018)




  1. The metamorphosis chip controller open my brain sounds whole day long, and intercepting the thoughts not my own. When I am listening to others, the third party on the air hears only my brain sounds in speech, not others. The technology said that the controller used my brain sounds and other thought at the same time. On the other hand, the full-opening brain sound misleads others into thought that I am chatting with the perps. When the perp ask questions, my brain responds naturally in that moment; also when I thought something my brain automatic respond brain sound as voice, and the perp falsely reacted , which made the listener misunderstandings that we are in the chatting.
    2. I worried about being within the chip will causing a lots of problems, since I don't know who they are, all under the chip controller’s control. May the perps use within my chip as GPS to make a criminal act, what can I do?
    3. When I sleeping, the metamorphosis chip controller within my chip with someone who shorter than me, make my body distorted, legs sore, and legs cramped as soon as I am straightened.


Recently, the metamorphosis controller becoming more run wild, within my chip with some people together using the same nostril to breathe, which makes me breath in difficulty. The principal was my nose is big and someone’s nose smaller than, it made me feel something inside nose, cannot breathing smooth. The metamorphosis perp used such tricky to deprived my sleeping in long-term.
4. When some people being mind controlled by within chip with elders without self-awakens, that caused consciously aging looking, so they are looking for a doctor to face up but becoming uglier. Remind to the people who planning for face surgery, please tell your doctor that you are being mind control, communication is more important before Plastic surgery. 


  1. This week, the metamorphosis brain control perps continuous remote control of electronic weapons made me got light headache, which made me unable in concentration and feel tired for a long time.
    6. The metamorphosis perp in the brain-controlled space who with a surname Tsang (as said there is a father of Tsang Chi How, and other said there was a casino chaser when his young), with a private detector surnamed Zhu, recruiting sex pests for sexual harassment by within chip with female victims in space for making money, and treating good women as prostitutes, the shameful degree is horrible, everyone hated their dirty behaviors with helpless. And the movie stars, actors, media staffs turn with black eyes as usual, I believe all were participated in such dirty business. Shame on them.
    7. I will travel abroad later this week. The next issue will post until October 22nd 2018, thank you for your attention.

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Recomendo a todos a experimentar aqui é um lugar , porque isso é o que me ajuda a sempre levantar o órgão sexual, se você começa-lo também de comer, então ele deve ajudá-lo, assim como no mercado, não há nada melhor


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