Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


  1. 本週變態腦控賤人喪心病狂地持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛, 陣痛程度從191-3級至21日的3-5. 據稱已引致7名長者死亡. 禍國殃民的劊子手是劉青雲, 方中信, 吳鎮宇, 鄭子誠, 鄧英敏, 何守信, 吳君如, 麥潔雯, 薛家燕.




  1. 本週在空間作孽, 滋擾受害者為生者: 以羅啟新為首的港台DJ, 商台節目”18C”DJ們和TVB 甘草演員們.




  1. 本週腦控賤人持續將他人同我併芯片,將我的樣貌同他人掉換, 不禁令我想起新科技面部識別系統, 不知是否有影響? 如果識別系統只是辨識虹眼膜, 那麼合併芯片後虹眼膜是否會被掉換? 相信一切有待實踐確認.




  1. 逢年過節, 生日, 腦控空間管理者會派 利是 給在空間工作的人. 據講今年又有人冒我的名去簽收, 但被識穿. 在此聲明, 我並非在腦控空間工作的人員, 是被腦控於空間的受害者, 如任意將我同他人併芯片, 遙控電子武器摧殘, 一切按懲罰性條款賠償.




  1. 我有一疑問, 想同大家討論, 當我們的高級警司離職後, 於空間工作, 同時用他們親人的名字在警隊出薪金作為在空間工作的薪酬, 此舉是否合政府公務員的體制? 而他們在腦控空間的工作是否由政府授權? 他們的職責是否保護特首同市民的安全? 或是同腦控賤人一樣做禍國殃民, 以電子武器摧殘被腦控受害者為生呢?




Mind Control Space News this week (December 17 to 23, 2018) 


  1. This week, the loss mind and metamorphosis chip controller persistent remote control of electronic weapons caused me headaches. The degree of pain from 1-3 on the 19th to 3-5 on the 21st. It is said that seven elders have been killed. Such perps whom have wrecked a country, ruined the people would be Sean Lau Liu, Alex Fong, Francis Ng, Timothy Cheng, English Tang, Ivan Ho, Sandra Ng, Kitman Mak, Nancy Chit etc.
    2. This week, the trouble makers for nuisance victims to earn for living would be: The RTHK’s DJs, head by Cuson Law, the radio show "18th floor, Block C" all DJs and TVB elderly actors.
    3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller keeps to within my chip with others, and change my appearance with. Such reminding me about the new technology facial recognition system. How can the system detect taking effect? ​​If the identification system only recognizes the iris film, how about within two chip together that makes iris film replaceable? I believe about needs to be confirmed by practice.
    4. In every year’s holidays, birthdays, brain control space managers will give "lucky money" to the perps who work in space. It is said someone took my name to sign for receipt, but does not work. I have to disclosure again, I am a victim being mind control in mind control space, not the person who working on, if someone with my chip for gang stalking or electronic harassment, such will compensate according to punitive terms.


  1. I have a question to discuss with you all. When our senior Superintendent of policemen leaves the post, work in space and use the names of their relatives to receive the salary from government as a pay in space. Do you think such move in line with the system of government civil servants? I guess it depends on their job in the brain-control space whether authorized by the government? Does their duty protect the safety of the chief executive and the citizens? Or they do the same job as the brain-controlling perps by use electronic weapons to tortured the victims? what do you think? I appreciably your opinions.


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