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Gone, when I look back ( 走了,蓦然回首)

Gone, when I look back

Unreal is it? In real life you have? We will answer the mildly.

Green mountains and blue waters, the four seasons. With the warm spring wind is gathering flowers fairy paradise; summer flowers and green leaves, is worth two cents of their dance scene; of the fall harvest season and as warm as in spring, is the desire of God at a time when Enron; winter The cold is expected Qiao, Snow White is the time to travel the world ... ... all reflect the living environment of human society in the way goods.
Yes ah, the harmony between man and the environment. Do not need to worry about here, and a technological disaster in the country, the number of people back into their homes as Roma-moving, bringing the number of people in a variety of ways to stay in Waixiang . The other, his hometown; do, I raise my Health Green Mountain Sweet Water, the heart of the discourse is difficult to tell the truth, but the satellite remote control has become a persecution of thinking that we never forget the outside of a driving force to stay away from disaster, and we hope for the future , Each different, it is difficult to grasp the "technological disasters" would fall on us, only in the field of Waixiang up hope, not for us to sigh, we will miss you, delicate home; we will linger in the dream , The hometown of their fellow.
European civilization of light, we hang high, glorious civilization for thousands of years, we have the indelible wisdom of the vast tide of history, civilization and progress of discord, technology and other non-disaster against civilization, we left some of the Trauma treatment in the home might be able to make up a triad, the well-off people too numerous to mention the cruel persecution of the people fear the technical left to form their awareness of terror have no alternative to flowers, no turn for the better days.
The same blue sky, white clouds after another; the same river, gurgling waves, mountains, far from wild, the sea is far, far days, we have a track. In the field, experience less of terror, experience less pessimistic. The return is more concerned about here is a considerable probability, you and I were non-existent superiority.
Recalling the past, Zhengrongsuiyue draw a blueprint, now is not only to meet Tianshan snow. Kunlun's call of technical intimidation, the Long March has not yet, the surging Yangtze River water, the course was difficult, there is no abuse of Fadu, caused by worries, we have in reality been more than a decade of knowledge, the best way to go. In Waixiang, the bright hope of the motherland tomorrow's arrival of the rule of law, the top decision-makers can not throw away the minimum needs of the people - survival of the human rights.




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Comment by Fan li on October 14, 2008 at 9:34pm
I am a victim of childhood brain control, and now I can only say that I was born the wrong era, but is still waiting for life to survive the light.


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