Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Passed in 2008 the brain to control 24 hours to persecute my entire 21 years

I am a small country was a 24-hour secret agency to carry out the spirit of the victims of persecution, may be in my mother's belly, I was a fascist group of criminals using satellite eye on me, I should have been a beautiful Appearance, the well-being of a happy childhood, a warm family, but rather those in my life, almost all do not feel, and for this reason that when the brain waves in the face o f inhuman persecution of the organization crazy, but I completely lost The resistance, just as I do from a young age and those who have been victims of surveillance, I do not know when to start with memory. Unfortunately, there are many things I do not remember, but that scene took place in my heart tremble with fear of the things I remember.
Many people want to know that what I high three do experience? Saw is difficult have chats big Eight Do's and Don'ts time, suddenly has thought of the high three lives, althoughin the brains to considers the matter which occurs is not very clear, but is the personal experience, why couple days ago did I also and high three teachers write a letter tell them me to meet that serious appearance frequently, I thought that brain controlling how can also'terase. Just entered high three me to suffer fully by the brain controlling design game one year, brain controlling has instilled into to me the thought: As a female student, but likes me in the school teachers and students, does not divide the men and women, to test my sincerity I Is very serious, and had the illusion, the thought for has twisted. That is I felt that schoolmates knew I thought that has is can also say by them, then all these cause my even more spirit break. They also make the false sound to scold me. Does not stop at heart thought that are a child is not mature. I will have in the classroom cry but afterward not to make noise. I have 15 days in the school not to eat meal continuously drink water, one year gets down always does not leave the school desk I not to speak with schoolmate, studies since childhood does not like speaking does not like the lower position playing. Actually wants but how not to dare at heart to move. After the college entrance examination, the company graduates the card not to take escapes the school, that is not the person day really, looks like the hell same life to be subject to the suffering, really very painful is very painful.
After the college entrance examination, after going home, I must do (cries) am not the school person, but is the world person parents also does not let off. Feared very much at heart that I can do this matter for a lifetime, then I then die share, because I do not understand do this. I hide all day at home, has not eaten, I thought that I have not made the wrong thing to embolden buy the spot to eat. Afterward brain controlling emitted the sound in my cerebrum. I then run away to Nan County arrive at the maternal family, also has many matters in there. Afterward the father met me to Suzhou, to Suzhou that day on, because brain controlling made very strongly the radiation lets I be very bothersome, grandfather spoke, I said unexpectedly must kill them. Like this is misunderstood I to have neurosis to enter the hospital in hospital. I want also to be the intention which brain controlling does this.
Now realizes the shape for not, in own grasps in the scope, several years, they have let actually also my spirit always occupy the highly nervous state, lets me feel that the life to terminus, had known at heart is actually they are using this sinister method to cause me intentionally one to let me have no way step by step to revolt, but radiates is very strong, I beyond control live in myself, the heart, the eye, the throat, and entire seriously has locked in the brain, always a body likely divides into two parts, is weakest in this cerebrum, they input the massive preliminary information to me, thus lets meBecomes the handle which in unconsciousness situation they play with, I discovered that my thought is disturbed by their information, language duplication which does not stop in the brain, the thought cannot disperse, looks like them frequently in my brain picture that circle by the type, all cannot let loose, also cannot take. The tinnitus causes me not to be able to speak, in the brain also does not have the writing, the life really looks like an invisible jail. Sometimes as soon as they link one week not to let my bowel movement, lets me feel that is very uncomfortable. One day discovered successively own between lips lived six fires to soak, the throat was very sore, the brain went against has serious twitching, also not section getting a high fever. Continual three days ever have not felt better, my value rest in that three days on the bed, cannot eat, cannot stand, as soon as stand my cerebrum to twitch are very sore, the sore quick medicine faints, often also unceasing blind, I rest on the bed they let me remember the injury which unceasingly the childhood received, also has cried for three days. I felt that I am very uncomfortable, unceasing injures itself, heard brain controlling saying that “I did not do” possibly am by my extreme behavior was felt was startled very much. Now I still the brain controlled fiercely, also makes frequently I am very sad, but my metropolitan examination is adjusting itself now, the elephant slowly equally copes with their me to respond very quickly now. Now I do not want to go to the victim belt to that sad world, what I need is optimistic, brave, but also some body is pure is supporting me to probably be just .
Although I knew that my life too will not be long, but I will insist that will wage the struggle with the Fascist unlawful element, only then not in vain I in vain will come in this world to walk.






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Coronavirus/Corvid - 19

On its own Coronavirus/Corvid - 19 is bad enough, but please be aware that they can beam you directly and imitate the virus, the main emphasis is, NOSE MOUTH THROAT & LUNGS., they can make you feel sick as well, sorry but it's not just V2K & Mental Health, it's most things in the ICD, International Statistical Classification of Desease & other Disorders, as well.Robert.See More
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HOW HYDROGEL IS BEING USED TO TORTURE FROM REMOTE LOCATIONS.Many of us have been injected with bio-compatable hydrogel which contains many different types of bio-sensors, bacteria, interactive electronic circuits and even living cells. The hydrogel is infiltrated with nutients inside the human body so that it will grow and eventually permeate the body provided that it is injected as several sites over a period of time. The bio-sensors inside the hydrogel are enabled to transmit and receive…See More
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Illegal Implantation when I was just a child

My parents volunteered to have my brain implanted as a child. Throughout my childhood I endured psycho-sexual abuse at the hands of my family. All this was being recorded (kiddie porn).When I finally woke up to the abuse, the gangstalking “started”, i.e. it went from being covert to more “overt” —things like vehicular harassment, voice-to-skull, etc.About ten years ago, I moved to CO from Austin. It was at this time, two men broke into my home while I was sleeping. They administered some type…See More
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