Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Doing research will help you to cope with the Persure the perps put upon you. The perps like playing victim for the public. They like the crowd and the attention. It's all about appearance and lookin…

Doing research will help you to cope with the Persure the perps put upon you.

The perps like playing victim for the public. They like the crowd and the attention. It's all about appearance and looking good. They don't feel ashamed about the things they do to you. They blame you they guilt you. They play with your emotions.

THESE  RATS Will hurt you fiscally and emotionally.

These people can also be called psyhic vampires.

They are deceptive, They take sides, they are only interested to make you feel bad, they drain your energy, they use everthing you say against you, they strive for appearance, they are serial rapest and murderers, they pick fights, being right means being good (they manipulate situations to be right)

, they like it when people pity them, they are attracted to people with no boundaries. So when the Perps tell you to trust them don't do it. It's a trap.

You have to be strong. If you are not strong you will get depressed. 

You will lose your will to live. BE POSITIVE!!

it's all about surviving. Love yourself!! Do not fear! BE LESS FRUSTRATED.

Do the things you like. Learn how to make yourself happy again.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Javier on December 15, 2017 at 11:28pm

Research will lead you to understand that isn't just damage because of the sake it. There is a reason why harassment turns into more circumstances like sabotage of electronic equipment, break ins and confabulation with some institutions. It's NOT just a bunch of psychopaths going after people, that't the biggest lie to convince yourself of. 

This is only comparable to MKULTRA, as they expect you to follow certain leads to see how they can manipulate you into believe what they want, to read your psychological and physical response from the harassment. They'll keep the stalking to discredit you and add pressure on you, and worsen the harassment if you don't seem to respond or act accordingly of what they expect.

Remember there's a reason for everything, and people don't work for free and nothing happens without a reason.


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