Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

根據東周刊文章提及, 美國目前有二百萬人濫用鴉片類止痛藥, 正面臨鴉片類止痛藥成癮的危機. 美國疾病控制及預防中心(CDC)提供的統計數字, 每天有一百四十萬人因濫藥喪命. 而波士頓醫療中心有研究發現, 美國有十二份之一的醫生, 曾收取藥物生產商提供的利益.


從以上資訊, 令你聯想到什麼? 遙控電子武器所產生的痛症是否同以上數字有明顯的關係?


根據空間消息人士資料, 每當發生遙控電子武器令人集體劇烈頭痛後, 香港毒品的銷量上昇30%, 各類止痛藥平均上昇15%. 各醫務所生意上昇5-10%. 以上數字, 你們又聯想到什麼?


The Collaboration in mind control, painkiller and drug

According to the article from the East-Week magazine currently, there are two million people in the United States who abuse opioid pain killers and are facing a crisis of opiate analgesics. The statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) daily are 1 million four hundred thousand people died of indiscriminate drug abuse, and a study by the Boston Medical Center found that a dozen of physicians in the United States accepted the benefits offered by drug manufacturers.
 From the above information, what do you think? The remote control of electronic weapons torture a lot of people to difference pains whether relative to the above figures ?
According to space sources, when perp remoted control electronic weapon torture victims, the sales of drugs increased by 30% in Hong Kong, and sales in individual types of painkillers increased by 15% on average each time, Also the medical center business growth about 5-10%. Look at all information provided above, we have a answer why the perps used electronic weapon so often.

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