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Temporarily memory loss is what the perps give me a lot.Because of the perps I forgot things. You have forgotten something they say, you don't remember! It's their way of saying you don't know where …

Temporarily memory loss is what the perps give me a lot.Because of the perps I forgot things. You have forgotten something they say, you don't remember! It's their way of saying you don't know where you left your stuff. Then they say oh you left your phone on the table. They want their midterms/ support to know that I have memory loss. They make a big deal of everthing I do. They don't tell them that they are figuring me on my head an electronical weapon. They tell their listeners/followers that I am lying, They tell them that it not true all that Gangstalking. My recorded thoughts could been seen as radio show with music and drama and gossip, that's what they made it out to be.

I hear cars driving by my house with his Gangstalking show. They are my neighbours, it's neighbourhood harassment. I can hear my name on the recordings. I have no camera outside my house. They harness me when I am in my house. All my neighours know but nobody says something to my defense. They all are ignoring the noise in the neighbourhood. That's how I live. The Gangstalkers have messed up my life in the neighbourhood. They make a lot of noise daily.

The Woman Perp has taken over. The male perp  is gone. All the woman does is rape me. She likes it very much. How can a woman enjoy rape so much.  She also mocks. me. She tries to be honest to win my trust. It's all play pretend. The Perps are afraid of me . They are young people in their twenties. They follow me around the most.

Yesterday day I went to a different city to see a new house. During the house visit I saw a strange man, Maybe it was the Perp. The person who lived in the house reminded me of the woman Perp.

It looking back it could be fake. Maybe the Perps took over. I not sure, but it seems fishy to me. The perps don't want me to find a new home. 

They have hacked my computer. My head is tired. I want some rest in my head.

I am not gonna get it. They psychic Vampires, just waiting to take the side for someone who ticked me off. You should hear them " you are mean". Most of the time I don't listen to them. Before they talk bad about my friends or some colleagues, people in the store or my family and when I don't react they clone my voice and say nasty things about the person. So they lie. Sometimes they manipulate my thoughts so that I get angry at someone and say nasty things about them. Of course they find the person and let them listen to my recorded thought as proof that I am a gossip. That's their proof against me

The perps wants everybody to believe them, everyone I see or meet has to believe them. They feel the power of their Social media hype thing. They play it on their phone and in their car. I heard it so many times recording of my voice recording of the Perps voice. I hate it!!! They are Narcissistic. Strangers on the street follow me around the show up where I am am. Nothing has Change, people still like it Social Demonic Hype thing to discredit me, They don't wanna stop it nobody wants to help me stop it. I have ask them. They all Gaslight me.

They all have left me in misery. I am thinking about the future. I don't want to see anyone who left me to drown when the Perps disappear. When perps are arrested and trailed I don't need the "keeping it hush hush people" around me.

Right now they are all enjoying theirselves on my account.

I just want the people to leave me alone. I am sick and tired of the them. 

The perps want me to stop writing, she raping me because I am writing on Peape pink. 

I don't know how to stop them from raping me every single day. 

When I was young I was sexual abuse, it keeps on coming back in my life this abuse.

Men want to use me as an object. I get no love at all. 

The woman Peep sounds stupid, her voice makes me laugh. I don't think she's the brightest person alive. You've got to be stupid to Gangstalking person. The mess with my head so that don't sound smart. I can't speak right some times, writing is difficult sometime.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Haley on Sunday

I can relate to  everything  you posted.  Its been pure torture for me, ruined my life in every way. You are not alone. But. How can we expose whst is  being done to us?

Comment by Angeline Klas on Monday

We have to Unite as Ti's. We have to support eachother world wide to find proof.

I am trying to collect money to start my own foundation. That's a start a place where Ti's can go for help. Also join Stephanie's demonstration if there's one. She from Belgium. If you can attend please do.


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