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The male perp hopes I will love him again. He fantasises about it. He tells his listeners about it. He tries to out sing me. He thinks he can sing better than me. He thinks he's better at anything I …

The male perp hopes I will love him again. He fantasises about it. He tells his listeners about it. He tries to out sing me. He thinks he can sing better than me. He thinks he's better at anything I do. He wished I didn't have a boyfriend. He wants to take him away from me. That's why he hates me because I have a boyfriend. Crazy Develish man. He's a tot Nut case. He said he would move heaven and eartg to make me suffer. He's after every man I meet. He Cat fished me. This man stole the identity of a man I loved to make me love him. He lied to me to make me love him.

Please pray for me.

This their script, Rape when happy. They try to make me believe them, they can fool me later. Use my sister voice and celebrity. They aim at my head to make me to control my actions. They aim at my head to make me forget, then they pretend to have gave me the idea's I have. I make plans they steal my plans. Go to the wall they say for instance to turn me into a robot. I hear the tongue of a snake, I need to become a snake charmer. The perps want love from me. The Perps gave mw confusion of speech and then tell everbody that I can't speak.They mock when I speak and think. They are obnoxious and stuck up. Walking around with their nose in the air. They think they're all that. I speak better than they say. 

Einstein is nothing compare to them. That's how they feel about themselves. They are murders. They don't want their listeners to find out that they are gangstalkers. They perform for their listeners. Trying to make me feel low, because they don't know that the people I know believe thwm. There are actually people walking around who without electronical weapons who are just likw the Perps. People support him because they tell them that I said bad things about them online, when it's really the perp who are embaracing people online. This social Media Hype thing belongs to the perp. They are hoping for sympaty from their listeners.

I met a scientist who was harresed by his neighbours who's eyes lit up when I told him about Directed Energy weapons. Somehow he knew nothing about it, but he was a scientist and ge didn't believe me. He knew nothing about Hyperbioliode mirrors. I wanted hin to help me with shielding. The perps are very jealouse when I discover things. They want everbody believe that they are good people and that it's  all fun and games.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by brian bovo on January 22, 2018 at 3:12am

You guys need to listen to me about blocking.  You can throw off the targeting.


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