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Hello everybody, Today is not a good day. I cleaned my house. I didn't go to work. Nobody cares that I'm alone, I'm crying. Music helps. Sleeping helps. Nobody cares. They lie, the Perps. They are C…

Hello everybody,

Today is not a good day.

I cleaned my house.

I didn't go to work.

Nobody cares that I'm alone, I'm crying.

Music helps.

Sleeping helps.

Nobody cares.

They lie, the Perps.

They are Cockey,  arrogant.

Shouting through my house with different voices. With 

The crazy voice, the arrogant voice, the sad voice, the dominant voice.  Like Social Media is the King. 

I'm touching my face like they mind control me. I'M still under.

I didn't touch my face like that. 

They like the drama they caused  in my life.

Whenever I leave it's drama. Everywhere drama.

They blow up everything. I'm the VICTEM here.

Take me to court I said.

I know the Perps won't.

They torture me with men leaving me. Catastrophe, disaster.

Panic, cry. You're doomed. Life is simple love is simple, easy.

Everybody listen it's over between, everybody listen...don't want....

On and on they go. We have love. These young Perps are crazy.

These horney youngsters. They are horney all the time.

Afraid to be alone. We"ll end up like Angeline.

YOU have NOBODY. Why do you wanna have sex with someone you hate eh?

Being naked makes them happy, I wear a bathing suit when I shower or cloth.

They peep every second. These Perps are greedy and jealous. Shouting like there's a goal. Goal. You should hear what they say. 

People who have a relationship torture single people. Like we are a thread.


I'm always the one to hate. The only way I will do that is when I'm framed.

Who Framed Angeline, I will say.  It would be pure sexual abuse if it ever happens.  A man nasty men pervert, sick individual hu. Sexual abuse is an issue. Being used like an Sex Object by men who are married is wrong without  consent and fully knowing who's there. The Perps say they are married. I'm not to blame. Men lie. I hope they burn in Hell I don't care who that man is.  My eyes are bad, they're getting clearer. I hope it stays. I'm being abuse because of it.

Every thought I have they put on Social Media. People eat it.

Good food. Damn Them.

All because of love.

I'm still facing the fact that I men meet the wrong white men.

Like I'm not the kind you take home to mamma.

I'm special and pure. Honest. Gods love flows in me.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Sugey Ortiz-Serrano on March 19, 2019 at 1:55pm
Hi, Angeline, I hope you're real, because what you tell is the same thing that happens to me, in another part of the world. They also abuse me 24/7, a man who says he is married to me, I am like a TV set that presents a joke program all day, the humor is black, the funniest thing of all is that my neighbors are the ones who see the program and it seems that it is interactive, they participate in it. Now right, it's 12.47 in the morning here, I've slept after I went to bed at 10 at night and it seems I'm not going to sleep anymore, I also thank God I have work and I hope I can be all this year with the same , which has been a blessing. The controller does not listen to me at this moment, but I know that he is doing something against me, it is possible that I sleep again but I do not sleep, an intense headache is possible, I am condemned to death, they remind me all day, they damaged my mind, it was as transparent as you say, now I want the death of that person, so first rule, do not pay attention to your mind or your body, it's them, so if you do not feel like working , try it, go to work, I am forbidden to cry and mock when I do it, be careful what you do, they can induce you to do things that for them generates expectations and then you may regret it, like taking more than necessary, take pills, get involved with someone who will not bring you anything good. Every day I say that God is in the sun, at night it is more difficult, my enemy has just appeared, he is like a wolf in the shadows, he comes to turn me pieces of flesh,
Comment by Sally on March 19, 2019 at 1:58pm

Hang in there Angeline. It gets rough sometimes but youre can beat them.

Comment by Angeline Klas on March 20, 2019 at 4:13am

What do you mean by is the same thing?

Comment by Angeline Klas on March 20, 2019 at 4:43am

I'm not the only one. There are simeralaties.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on March 20, 2019 at 5:08am

Hi Angelina, I hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear they are being so awful. Of course they are liars, the devil is a liar.

I like this verse from King David:

"The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them;

but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He knows their day is coming." Psalm 37.12


Comment by Stephen O' Neill on March 20, 2019 at 5:58am

Ihope to God you are right Sandy Lomax , about Psalm 37.12. Me I am not so sure anymore that god is real , since targeting is so bad , i can't imagine that god would let this happen to good god fearing people, so i am not quite sure anymore.

I have my bad days too Angeline Klas , it can be very hard sometimes. Try to get through it , we have to live to see these people FRYYYYYYY.

Comment by Angeline Klas on March 21, 2019 at 4:25am

I hope they end up badly.

Nothing they do should go unpunished be it small be it big.

God knows we suffer. Hang in there.

Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

Comment by Sally on March 21, 2019 at 4:52am

Stephen lm starting to think the same about God. I dont want to but sometimes what they do to me is so evil l dont know if God would allow things like this. I hate feeling this way because He is all l truly have and if he doesnt exist l have nothing. Last night was so horrendous for me.

Angeline l hope youre feeling better now.


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