Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Thanks everybody for you're support i need more support if anybody is out there from the united kingdom as victims from the uk seem to rare and more common in america. Victims of mind control and el…

Thanks everybody for you're support i need more support if anybody is out there from the united kingdom as victims from the uk seem to rare and more common in america.

Victims of mind control and electromagnetism have my deepest sympathy

because i am going through it myself i have had to move out of my house

because i fear to go back as i said my legs tightened heart rate extremely

fast severe cramp and the one of the brothers said get out or die!


I have been staying in a hotel but it is getting very costly i have to stay away

from the house in order to survive.


I am now going to be homeless i fear of going to homeless charity’s because

they have to do an assessment they will think i am mad.


I have contacted a few professors in this country of whom are specialists

in electromagnetism and waiting to hear back from them.


As in term of prefention from homelessness as a victim of a targeted individual

myself is there something someone could recommend of where i could get temporary accommodation for free as of temp.


Unfortunately i am currently not working and struggling to get work.


If anyone has any ideas i would be most grateful.


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Comment by Sue on July 4, 2019 at 4:50pm

Hi mark 

You're not alone. They are committing these attrocities to people all over the world but mostly seperated enough that we can't reach one another personally. I'm in Australian and have been going through this crap 13yrs. I'm sorry to hear they have driven you from your home.  Unfortunately the perpetrators of this crime can involve anyone in your persecution. I think they do it via a type of mind control. I've had my entire family harass me and too many strangers to count. Don't listen to CLS....neighbours can definitely be involved. Although they make it appear it is probably not the neighbours who are hurting you with the technology. That comes directly from the head perpetrators. They synchronise yr neighbours movements so it seems like it is them doing it. In yr case all a ploy to make you leave yr home. Do you realise that the tech harassment can get you anywhere. They want you to think you are safe to keep up homeless. If l was you l would return home otherwise U may not find a safe place. The neighbours won't actually physically assault you...they just want to frighten you away. This comes from higher places than yr neighbours but their involvement definitely hurts.

Know that you are not alone. We are all in this fighting and dealing with the tech assaults. You are safest having a private roof over yr head. The hotel must be getting costly. If you don't want to and you end up going to crisis accommodation don't tell them the truth....make up a story why you are homeless. Telling people doesn't benefit. Please think about what l said. As a Tl you are lucky to have a home. Don't give it up that easily. The neighbours are trying to scare you into homelessness. Don't let them.

Keep me posted. Peace.

Comment by Sue on July 4, 2019 at 4:59pm

Forgot to mention there is a guy called Stephen O'Neill who posts on this site. He's from U.K. You can look him up in the members section.

Also the heart stuff they are doing to you when yr at home. They know how to do things so it feels really bad but it won't kill you. Also they change their techniques so they might not continue if you stand yr ground. But l can understand yr fear and apprehension. 

Comment by Sandy Lomax on July 4, 2019 at 7:23pm

Hi Mark, sorry to hear your story. I agree with Sue, it is best to try and stay in your home if possible. The technology can track you and attack you anywhere you go, some TIs have even been attacked again after moving abroad. If you still want to move, there is no point in being afraid that homeless charities will think you are mad - don`t tell them about the tech. You can say that you had some issues, things went wrong, you ended up homeless. Most housing workers are very sympathetic.

There are quite a number of TIs around London. Equally there are many, many people sleeping rough. You could check out day centres in London like The Passage, they will help you. However their priority would likely be local people sleeping rough. Shelter From the Storm has free sleeping areas, but they don`t take self referrals - so get a referral from a day centre.

As for professors, I have spoken to quite a number of university physicists, many of them are wrong about microwaves - this tech is extremely advanced, it does things they do not know about. You are better off watching videos with Barrie Trower or Robert Duncan.

Comment by Stephen O' Neill on July 4, 2019 at 8:48pm

Thanks Sue , only I'm not from the UK , I'm Irish. But anything I can help with ,I will be happy to do so.

Comment by Sue on July 5, 2019 at 5:49am

Stephen duh ! I knew that too. Ah well l was close.

Comment by elizabeth king on July 15, 2019 at 11:53pm

Hi i am from the UK Im in Plymouth Devon Im 62 years old and ive been a battered  UK  TI  since i was 13 thats 50 years of HELL Im just leaving you this as there are a LOT of UK TIs  FB is more or less usless for UK TIs I have no idea why but its very difficult to connect with TIs in UK on FB But i well know we are here in the masses I myself am battered with physcial and mind tortures relentlessly Its every waking second and regularly all overnight too ( they wont let me sleep most nights ) I am a extreme sever TI not all TIs end up this way but some do Keep going on as long as you can You need to make the most of every day do it not later if you want to have a drink have one as i well know it wont make any differece if you ...If you feel like having a treat have one... Some TIs go crazy on diet I promise you dont need to And by the way Yes ive reached 62 .......UNFORTUNATLY i have ...To be honest i was best dead a very long time ago and thats the truth I wish you luck ok


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