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24february 2010 - Torture and Synchronicity

I found a way of surviving. The method is called: Never care what happens because they care crazy. Mock them back as much as you can. Laugh when they start to hurt you. I know that what they do is nonsense because I am innocent and they started to target me when I was as young as 15.

What did they do lately? First.. well. The usual stuff, but one evening what diffrent. The minute I fell asleep they would wake me up. Once I was caughing, like i could not get any air. Some other time, my heart would beat too fast, Then again, caughing I think that they repeated this for over 10 times.

I would call them names maybe the first 2-3 times, and I was really tired. It was like they knew exactly when to wake me up. But the forth time I just thought, ok, just make me cough, why sleep when I can caugh. I was ironic and I knew that they are actually to lazy too continue this and besides, they enjoy hurting. There is no pleasure in hanging someone that does not resist.

I have been moving the table and now i sit on a chair and not on the sofa, It's because I now have a writer on the table. I had a little hand problem because i pushed on the table. But they made it lack feeling and strengh now for the last two days, but they eventually forget about it - so I can use it properly. But I can't use it as normal.


In my experience, they pretty much use synchronicity.
I wrote about my old classsmate whom I think is a perp, because he's telling me he worked for the secret police.
I've been speaking with him again, he told me things that i did not know, about how it went for classmates.
One of them had injured his hand at work, after that, he's whife left him. Only for that I asked him? He said that other things where involved, like her mother.
So now I can't use my own right hand also.
I've been trying to do some research and write as scientifically I can about what happens to us. I have made a swedish group (no member). I sometimes think that I struggle in vain, but I think that this is a long term matter. Yet time just passes by. Days into weeks, weeks into month. And so on.

So now my hand does not work proprerly - because they want to tell me that If I do write - maybe I will get hurt or something - or they just try to scare me - I don't know. I thought that if I do write a paper to the UNIVERSITY and also publish it on a webpage where I keep some of my old home exams they I wrote at the university, then it will make a little diffrence, and maybe other students will read and maybe find these interesting. I have no idea what to do.

My old school mate said to me that he would make some page to gather up our old class. Of course nothing happened, but he made a facebook group: WOW.

At the bank yesterday, the woman that works there is also involved and she asked me if I wanted an insurance in case I got sick. Another scaring technique. I am interested in an insurance just for thieves or if my things get damaged.

Since I posted the pictures on my cats, the new cat's health has improved. Yet I hear more cats out there screaming and I wonder if they hurt the cats. The cats that are "friendly" have not visited me so much lately. But since yesterday, they sleep in. I think that they hurt the cats and these cats felt safer here in my house. I heard one or two cats screaming in pain here today. The minute the cats hear some other cat screaming outside they go and look through the window.

I never had more then 1 cat. Now I have 5 cats sleeping over. I hope that they will be safer here with me.

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"I promise you Stephen I'm a very flawed human but but I appreciate your kind remarks. Don't let them get you down if God brought you to it, he will bring you through it. Cling to Jesus. You were destined for this and you are stronger than…"
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"Wake up!!! Hear honking!!! Its for a reason. Listen for repeated v2k info. Its codes!!"
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"Thank you so much Jason, you are a true friend. Maybe that is why you are targeted, what I mean is TI's tend to be very nice and friendly people , salt of the Earth types. I am sure I will be fine as a dead guinea pig is no good, and if they…"
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"Yes I used to get harassed by strange honking car horns 24/7, but not so much now since the mind control and induced forced violent urges started. What do you mean by I am getting codes?"
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"Minä pidän sometaukoa. En enää keksi, mistä olisi asiallemme hyötyä, YK:n ihmisoikeuskomissaarin virallisen sivun ylänurkan kautta   pääsee linkkeihin, mutta suomi24:ssä niitä ei…"
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They are evil or not?

UN UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court Canadian GovernmentThey are evil or not? Google Canada is filtering this, cause and effect, karma. Human Rights: Human Rights can not be compromised.Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror and attempted murder by every possible means,  I am not alone and I…See More
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