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25 february 2010 More headackes and brain-computer interfaces

I now seem to know when I get an email or if anyone would speak to me, i would get a big head ache. It is very difficult then for me to think. I don't know why they do that. I've been working on my site, and I have been writing an article there about how medical corporation mislead people when they do research. I was thinking about all perp activity, how they scare us and make us feel bad when we hear certain words, like we think that everyone else will know misinformation about us.
After three years of stalking, i think they know pretty damn well that it is not the truth, but they stalk us because they are told to.
I've been alone for the last three years as well, I don't even know if I am normal enough to speak normally to a person again, without feeling strange. I have not yet met any persons live that suffer from the same things that I do.

I have been thinking about how scared I am, about how certain i am about certain things, that prove to be wrong, or that i will prove wrong - this is a mind game. They play with our perception of reality.

Probably we are also used in diffrent kind of experiments as well.
I have for example never been really sick.

But they still manipulate my organs, my vision sometimes, give me pain in the uterus, in my liver and enormous head aches. The new thing was that they manipulate the feeling in my right hand and now it is the left hand.

I am really sick and tired of living this life, but I also have to find some happiness. If I can't find it myself, who else will? They would give me more pain and so on.

Brain Computer Interfaces

I reminded myself for the last few days that we are connected in a way.
We all have brain computer interfaces that creates a network of people's thoughts, minds, opinions.
It is not strange that I can see someone write what I just thought about or that I say what somebody else has written somewhere else. Yet, when I think about this, I can think STRANGE. In reality it is not strange, they've teached us through stalking that the person that says the same thing as we do is a perp. They indoctrinated us in this pattern of thinking.

Perps are jerks, they have no idea what we are, who we are, what we really do.
They are often low life that are either unsuccesful or simply stupid and want somebodys attention.
I have moved from place to place and I met all kind.
Under a period of time, I've been afraid to speak with anyone. I would choose my words.
I would especially avoid thinking about or say something that has a sexual connotation because i would think that it will get back at me. I wasn't even aware in the beginning how many sexual connotation that are there in the world and I try to figure out all of them.

Now i don't care, I try to escape this prison that is inside my head. It is not easy.
But I have to think critically every time I think that somebody is dangerous because the perps are not that dangerous, it is only those that control the computer and that control our perceptions of the world and so on that are dangerous and those are the people that we unfortunately without help can't really escape.

And there are just a few people that are there to explain or help.

MOst TI's are unfortunately afraid of their own shadow and this is how they want us to be. Isolated and scared.

Don't be so scared, but think!
Most emotional states are created by them.
Most thinking patterns as well.

I am already in hell, so what do I have to lose if I stay scared.

Maybe I will die, but everyone dies one day.
Children die, parents die, young people, old people.

I will die too, so how does FEAR really help me?
Will fear set me free? NO!

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Comment by Carmen L on February 26, 2010 at 11:43am
Yes, I need to get away from the computer every day. Thanks!


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