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27 february 2010, Strange MIssed calls and strange TI

I have contacted a woman that writes about gang stalking in a blogg here in spain. She wanted my phone number. I didn't get any calls on my mobil phone. But a few days ago suddenly I had 5 missed calls. The strange thing is, even if I watch my phone now and then, is that, the calls are dated a whole month ago. I don't even know who called, but the only person that has my phone number is this lady, Ayuda en Acccion (i help 4 children in latin america so they wanted my phone numer) and a woman that is an TI in spain but that never called again nor replyed to my latest email. I don't understand - if you are an alone TI, why do you avoid others?

Yesterday after I got some sleep I realized I had slept with my door open. I sat on my chair in front of my computer drinking coffee as usual and I looked outside. I saw a guy driving some kind of tractor and he looked dissapointed at me. I am used to these kind of looks so it didn't bother me.

I felt a strange taste in my mouth like I had 10 kilos of cofeen in me.
I don't know what that medication is about.
HOw it ends up in my body and if it is triggered somehow from a distance.
It lasted almost all day long.

I used to think that it is a lot about keeping me awake, but it can have another effect, like making me too eager.

This morning, I noticed that two people on bikes insulted me again.

They hate now my new freedom declaration so they start again.

These people are psychotic idiots with puppets that they rule over.

I tried to make conversations on Facebook but it didn't go that well.
It is like every victim is in his/hers own world.

Even the most active are strange.
I don't know what to believe, again!!!

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Comment by Carmen L on February 28, 2010 at 3:26am
HI goscott. Yes it is possible that there are perps but i can't be afraid of those because we are so tricked into believing that every coincidence happening is because of the perps, that we might lose opportunities to get out of hell.
Probably a lot of this is a "system of control", and we might not be sure about the truth.
I've been injected many times myself in my hand creating a reaction that looked as an allergy to water. Even now I have a mark, but in pics i don't seem to get it to show very well.

Comment by Carmen L on February 28, 2010 at 4:05am
Your film clip is not very hopeful:)
Comment by Carmen L on March 1, 2010 at 2:12am
The inject me in my sleep, they have the keys, and they probably make me sleep very heavy. This has been going on for many years but in the begining i didn't know, and now it is rare. I used to block all doors and so on, but that doesn't stop the attacks, becuase they can hurt me anyway from a distance. I have recorded my sleep but sometimes I forget or find it "unnecessary" for some reason. Probably brain wash or something. I bought a large memory WOXTER 1 terrabytes, and still i have not used it with the camera that I might be able to surveillance myself. I think they make me dumb or something ...
Comment by Carmen L on March 1, 2010 at 5:06pm
Hi GoScott, I agree with you that some things are strange. How is invisibility Tech done in your opinion?
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on March 1, 2010 at 11:45pm
I read the below very quickly as I'm pressed for time but things I have documented are a clear indication that they don't need physical access to your body; i.e., breaking and entering while you are asleep. Have you not read about remote surgery, et ceters. One example I cited was where they took my (L) ring finger and slashed it with a razor - the blood starting gushing a few seconds after I heard the skin tear apart... a needle injection can also be done via the complete access they have to our bodies in this way. Can you not secure your door so that you know whether or not someone has entered?
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on March 2, 2010 at 3:06am
on March 2, 2010, Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg said…
I'm not able to post comments so will post another message here in hopes you will see it. What I was saying was that I do not underestimate THEM for a single second. They have gone to great lengths to isolate me from every single target and to smear my name as well. The other target here in Burlington, VT was given a fatal seizure-type heart attack last July. They will do ANYTHING to shut down my communication with other victims which is why my targeting is brutal. And, obviously, to keep me quiet as well.. I believe they have a Master Plan for me and don't want interference. Another thing I'll say is that because a target on PP appears at a distance to be friendly and vulnerable is NOT a reason to dismiss the person as an infiltrator. I have the unfortunate circumstance of red flags raised around someone because after I do a Blog or make a comment, EVERY WORD OUT OF HER MOUTH IS SOMETHING I JUST WROTE ABOUT THAT SHE RECYCLES AS HER OWN THOUGHT. I won't allow myself to become paranoid, but i will exercise due caution because I know that 99% of the time this is not normal ,but rather if it happens 10% - 25% of the time it might be..
Comment by Carmen L on March 2, 2010 at 8:35am
Yes, I am trying not to think of every TI as an infiltrator. I believe too that they want me to communicate with non TI's and not about what is going on. I guess they try to fool us into thinking everyone else is an infiltrator by making us sometimes say or think about what another target thinks about. Can I ask you what you were doing BEFORE everything started, and WHY you think it started?
Comment by Carmen L on March 2, 2010 at 9:21am
I used to secure my doors, but now where i live the door is strange and of some kind of metall and i can't do so much about it, it also has a big glass window. I have small alarms that make sound if someone would open windows or doors, but not real security locks because i don't know where to get them, and also because i feel bad going outside. The minute i am outside, i am too warm, i need water, i need that that, too tired, people look, somebody is there to gang stalk me and so on. But i wan't to buy a bike to do a little exercise because it is good for us. I felt much better when I was out, but they make it impossible in some ways. I ask you Lynn what you did before it happened just because I would like to know if there might be some connection to some kind of perceived deviance - in the targeting - like wanting harmony, peace, being a kind person, trusting people, and so on. And of course if the type of education or job might have any influence.
Comment by Carmen L on March 3, 2010 at 12:03am
Hi Yeah Right. It is good that you are carefull, but you know, keeping yourself isolated will just lead to no effort to end this disaster and this crime done to us. You know, people that are perps talk, and they try to scare, but they are just not dangerous. Don't let them live on the satisfaction that they keep you isolated, and in place. Be bold and step out from the fear they create, they are just people hired to scare us and to built mistrust. The real enemy is those that control those computers, weapons and machines. Not the lunatics that infiltrate themselves and stop caring about normal human values in order to get some promotion or attention from superiors. Imagine just how low they are, and how they make carriers, on stupidity. This will lead to a society where people with poor judgement and poor skills will get job they are not suited for. That will be their punishment in the end.

Everywhere in this world, any time it has happened - when surveillance increseases and people get jobs because they do what the government want them to do, these people will do a poor job, this leads to weak economies and failures in everything.
Comment by Carmen L on March 4, 2010 at 2:10pm
I agree with goscott, there is no point in running away. You have to know the enemy.
Why do you think that they use such advanced surveillance on us.
Because people are unpredictable I guess.
Goscott i read the link and I understand what u mean but it is unbelievable for me.
All I know is that can affect you remotely, but invisibility is a little too much for me.
I don't think that I ever had any proof of anything like that - but I know they can hurt you like inserting a needle into my leg, once they did remotely while awake, but i don't think it left any scar, i just fel the pain.


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