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#436 Officials dismiss latest covert operations as science experiment

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In a New York times article about denying Israel's request to bomb Iran. The bush administration is said to have started covert operations to impede Iran's enrichment process. One US official said this......

While declining to be specific, one American official dismissed the latest covert operations against Iran as “science experiments.”

Is that what they consider the covert surveillance attacks on TI's and the directed energy weapons they use on us? Just science experiments? I ssupposethat goes along with LRAD and possible V2K weapons being classified as hailing devises.

So they secretly perform silly science experiments on TI's with silly hailing devises. They then throw in a little street theater by aspiring artists with a desire to be in the performing arts in an effort to destroy the targets lives and hopefully they will blow their silly little brains out or commit a terrorist act by going postal. Nothing serious really, nothing for the public to be concerned about just a little fun with science. ;-)

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by Gloria Valentine on January 11, 2009 at 11:21pm
silly little science experiments, no harm intended ...
Comment by Sharon on January 12, 2009 at 8:10am

For science experiment using high tech weaponry
including Raytheon microwave gun, blinding lasers, nervous system bomb lasers, oscillating pulse weapons, flash radiations, invisibility road accident, attacks by racial groups, numerous apartments lost, numerous employment ruined, countless thousands taken, my life, for torturing and killing my father, my pets. Criminalization for what was in fact not a crime. For exposure to countless toxins, radiations, radioactive substances. For illegal bio implants. For torture and maiming and killing my innocent trusting loving gentle cute adorable cats. For ruinations over and again. For mind controlling people near me to harm me. For repeated mayhem, medical illegal implants, incited attacks. For ruining my good name. For ruining my life. For taking away my freedom and making me live under sever torture and constant lethal attacks. Used low frequency acoustics to program, to mind control and to cause torture and maiming. For ruining my careers, my life, my health. For excessive mental anguish. For violating my constitutional and human rights. For interfering with my God given right to thrive and be safe. For arranging twisted fake friendships to try to cause emotional, physical and financial harm to me. For hijacking my brain on occasions to make me say things and do things. For hijacking brains of people around me to make them betray our trusted relationships. For sending suicide programming. For violating intergalactic agreements and human evolution. For destroying humanity. For using my life, my loved ones, my money, me belongings, my body against my will for your research experiment to slaughter person in anonymous way using domestic terrorists cells armed with illegal high tech weapons called "non lethal military covert weapons" in the most sickest ways possible as evidenced.

For these illegal human experiments and more... NSA, DARPA and any other agency and group involved must pay to the victim remuneration and compensation in the amount of:

80 million

Payable immediately (you have my bank account number, you have perps at Bank of America)

Cease and Desist: you must leave me alone from now on and any further testing on me will increase your bill. Additionally, I continue to pray that you come to know the teachings of Jesus. They will affect you profoundly and your life is about to change. You may not like it, yet recall, I have not liked your human atrocities.

All delinquent bills will be sent to NSA, DARPA and others for collection immediately. Late fees do apply.


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