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Hi xxxx, I'm not really having such a bad time of things. My V2K had nearly stopped for a few years now until I started looking for more information in the form of records. While waiting in the police lobby they even made the cop who was drunk and off duty who started this walk in the front door of the police station so he would have to see me. They did this before with this guy, I guess to remind him of all the shit he started and how I'm going to expose it or die because of trying.
My physical ailments were really bad but because of being drugged to over twice the maximum dose of Seroquel and over the maximum dose of Neurontin among other meds. I couldn't believe a doctor would ever do harm with the oath they take and all. I came as close to death as I ever want to come. So I'm different than most TI's in that they have tried to kill me three times now. The first one by another TI that they manipulated into thinking I was the reason for his attacks. I later got my police records and found out the police were hharassinghim and put him under "investigation" like all of us I imagine. they had written false reports as if they were mine and I had made complaints against him.
They must have been rolling with evil joy, thinking they were getting him(one TI) to attack me(another TI). They set him up with a long screw drive to come at me with and had hidden a large hunting knife behind the railing of where he would have met me if he had gone through with the attack as a second weapon. The police were disappointed when the guy balked and didn't go through with it so they arrested me and made up bogus charges that fell apart. I even got them to put the second weapon in the report to explain it away. It tells me they didn't plan this attack. It spell of psyops or organized crime.
I some times think they picked me because I was in such good shape or I would be dead by now. There is the experimental part to our attacks. It could be they wanted someone in very good shape to show how in the end they destroyed my business, family and attacked my mind and physical health. I wonder what they told the doctor to manipulate her into drugging me almost to death. She was Jewish and my attackers kept trying to implicate my last employer who was also Jewish. Was it another attempt at making one TI attack another? It looks like it it may very well be. A lesson for TI's not to believe the V2K and be manipulated. They also attempted to make me think it was the local mob or organized crime. Take killing two birds with one stone to a new level.
So health wise my eyes have taken a beating and I have gained some weight. Having discovered the drugging I of couse got off the medicine and am trying to recover from near death. the doctor also didn't do any blood work when trying to kill me so when I did sugar diabetes was one problem and my triglycerides were 10 times above the high level. My feet had turned black with an 1/8 of an inch of dead black skin on my feet and ankles. the sugar diabetees appeared to go away when I got off the medicine but might be coming back now. My triglycerides went from over 1,500 to 200 a couple months ago and my feet are nice and pink again. I did sprain both ankles badly in the last year or two, so I'm going easy until they are at full streight if they will ever actually get there again.
My eyes are going and that seem common for TI's and microwave exposure from V2K and I have had some heat attacks and other directed energy weapons used on me like MEDUSA also.
One reason TI's are generally 40 when attacked might be so the bad health effects can be attributed to aging. Since my attacks stopped and I have gotten off the deadly doses of medicine I have lost weight and my eyes have not gotten any worst. I was so bad physically that all I could do for a while was sit on a stool in the yard and clip vines and pull the weeds of my neglected landscaped yard. Then I could stand for short times and that time has been growing. My yard is starting to look beautiful again and I just built 30 feet of a brick walkway that came out nice. I need the stool less and less now. I'm going to have it bronzed some day.
My mind is clearing and I feel I'm getting better physically and mentally every day, I hope it doesn't stop. They also put a warning on Seroquel that it causes death in the elderly. the doctor who prescribed it to me specialized in geriactric psychiatry. she knew it would kill me. Document your attacks, it's the only way to fight back effectively.

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by mikal haley on January 17, 2009 at 4:53am
i'm sorry...but people like me have been getting called 'crackpot' and 'delusional' and worse...for centuries.
Like Copernicus, Linda Goodman and Michel de Nostradame, I study the stars and psychic phenomena.

i feel that of all the misinformers in the United States scene, one of the worst is James "The Amazing" Randi who lies on purpose about what has been KNOWN to be real for AEONS...

that being said,
if you have not read about SYNTHETIC Telepathy in the article "Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars" I suggest you check it out online ASAP as it describes the beginning research with voice to skull psionic amplification.

if you use a cellular phone,
i suggest getting it away from you, or learning to laugh at the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE it will cause you as someone who thinks...because the current state of cellular telephony was created to ENSLAVE MINDS.

YES! This tech was created to make anyone who felt like NOT being an utter fucking fascist FEEL LIKE THEY WERE GOING INSANE, or even killing THEMSELVES. But they are NOT omnipotent, and as I think I pointed out before here -- you are smart to preserve your mental autonomy and discuss the facts in forums like this. You gotta keep it up because there IS LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Today I guessed...and punched
into the browser.

what I found was that the people had been really SMART and layered THEIR url behind the url i put in,
as if they had been expecting that pissed off people like me would be looking for info about the same way i first found info about Treasonous Nazi Americans at

It's the Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy...

keep this in mind... you might be a little to a lot distracted by psychotronic "pstatic" but not only are you NOT insane, you are among the very sane...the insane are the sick assholes like Rumsfeld and Cheney who HAVE to use this technology to run the Shadow Government -- because otherwise THEY are WEAK.

take care...


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