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5 Nov 2008 Mailteam Works--victims work trends (Help Canada victim Andy)

Please Help Andy De Lorenzo (Ottawa,Canada)!!

Soleilmavis Wrote:
Dear All,
One more of our dear targeted individual of directed energy weapons, Andy De Lorenzo is suffering from the forced Psychiatric treatment.
Please kindly help him by writing to his Psychiatrists with related information.
With all your effort, we can save our victims.

Andy Wrote:

Dear Soleilmavis,

I have been a targeted individual of directed energy weapons for about one year now. This started after I went on disability from my job.
When I told one Doctor about these crimes, he did not believe me and thought I was paranoid and delusional. The inusrance company sent me to a Psychiatrist for an independent assessment. The Psychiatrist did not allow me to speak freely about what is going on. He also refused to see many of the pictures and reports I had brought with me. The Insurance company told me that the appointment should take about two hours, but the Psychiatrist was finished in 40 minutes?

I would appreciate if TIs could call, fax or write their stories to the following Doctors:

Dr David Crowe (Pyschologist)
405-2249 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2B 7E9
(phone 613-564-7028, Fax 613-596-3250)

the Psychiatrist that did the independent assessment:

Dr Ken SuddabY, MD, FRCPC
17 York Street, Suite 403
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada KIN 9J6
Phone (613) 230-1916 Fax: (613) 822-5182

or you could send them to me at (copy yourselves and send it with a read receipt as proof since I have not received all my emails in the past)

I should of mentioned that I will be forced to take medication that is not required and will really make me sick. If I don't take the medication, the Insurance Company may end the disabilty payments

Thank you,
Andy De Lorenzo

Rajh Wrote:

There are some doctors who know about Direct Electronic Weapon. I think you should consult them. There is Dr.Rauni Kilde , formerly the Chief Medical Officer for Lapland ( Finland ) , who know about this subject--- she write article " Microship implants, mindcontrol , and Cybernetics" . Now she has strill worked in that office . I think her office is near you .
I think she can give you a good suggesttion . There is some useful artical for Spychologist :
On the need for new Critiria of Diagnosis of psychosis in yje Light of Mind invasive Technology By Carole Smith you can download from

I will pray for you. may God encourage and strenghten you.

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Comment by nancy debrier on November 5, 2008 at 10:21pm
i also take psychiatric meds and wish i could be free of them --if i could getintore-evaluation counseling mb i could shake the monkey but going cold turkey is hardw/o support
Comment by Rajh on November 7, 2008 at 1:09am
I think that Andy should consult the Doctor who know about Directed energy weapon. Dr. Rauni Kilde ,
formerly the Chief medical officer for Lapland ( northern Finland ) , she give comment for mindcontrol and Cybernetics. I think she can give you a good suggestions.

I will pray for you . May God encourage and strenghten you.
Comment by Rajh on November 7, 2008 at 1:14am
there is a useful article for psychologist wrote by Carole Smith, present " On the need for new criteria of diagnosis of psychosis in the Light of mind Invasive Technology. You can download for WWW.
Comment by antnaz on November 7, 2008 at 6:43am
German Nazi micro wave terrorist


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