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#602 Sen. Adams: possible evidence from attacks

#602 Sen. Adams: possible evidence from attacks

During the all Night MEDUSA-like attack I suffered that had the same attack mode sound as LRAD I was showing sign that could be considered evidence. Only this attack was microwave as only I could hear the sound similar to blasting crickets.
It was non-lethal I didn't die and it most very agitating. It seemed to attack my nervous system. I was doubling over with abdominal pain and could here the partially digested food gurgle through me. I t wasn't long until after a few trips to the bathroom that my body had been emptied. I could see the possibility that if a crowd was attacked that the targeted individuals would need to leave if for nothing else to defecate. If that wasn't possible like in a prison yard stand off it could result in some soiled clothing.
Since the microwave sound was deafening and my abdomen was effected I wonder if this was a full body assault of were both areas attacked. V2K was heard all through the attack in the form of threats and laughter at my attack and later a psychological attack that they were coming to shoot and kill me. For the death threat part it was only V2K the vehicle beside my house that had a mounted MEDUSA weapon had ripped out from beside my home so the loud blasting crickets had ended.
At that point I still had effects that could be considered evidence. I was still bent over and shaking, and my urine was brown. I am not sure if this was because of dehydration or minor bleeding in my urine. I only went to the hospital because I thought I finally had evidence of an attack. I have documented records form the hospitals and East bay mental health that I claimed I had been attacked by a radiation attack.
Other evidence from this type of attack would also be that Athletes foot stopped for two weeks and I believe all bacteria in my body was killed because my stool was orange for that time. One TI pointed out that people given the date rape drug also have orange stool for a period. this is possible because I was given two pills to calm me and later thought I woke being involuntarily committed. It turned out that it was one day and four hours. I can prove this with conflicting records. They went through great pains to alter dates to get away with this but it was new years day so I kept looking until I found the evidence of the cover up.
On the way to the hospital a call came into the ambulance and it was diverted to and obscure hospital keeping me in my congressional district. They asked me if it was OK and I agreed. at that time I had no idea doctors and hospitals could be complicit in my attack.
Other attacks might be harder to prove and I have heard of testing that can prove this.
Other attacks have been what I consider a microwave possibly a silent MEDUSA attack to the head and maybe the body. this attack is almost unbearable and two people I believe attacked with this raced off until they crashed not knowing why they did it. One had visited his father at my home and walked out the door and did this. He had consumed some alcohol and promised me he wouldn't drive. Yet he did this. the other possible attack was the son of a woman who had spoken with me at a town council meeting on police abuse and corruption.
In the hospital while under going psychological threats via V2K I was also attacked with what has been described by the Army ind Donald Friedman's FOIA request on non-lethal weapons as a infra-sound or ultra sound attack that made me laugh uncontrollable. The purpose was to make me appear delusional I believe but of course seems harmless. they did this as a Cat-scan was being performed and I had difficulty keeping still.
One other attack that may show evidence is the heat attack that raises body temperature about 5 degrees causing intense sweating and disorientation.It can only be used for a short duration obviously and was also described in the FOIA request of Donald Friedman.
I have an extreme aversion to heat and where shorts and a sleeveless shirt almost tear round in the northeast. I have heard other TI complain of this also. This function of V2K is to send shock waves from the outside of the head to arrive at the cholia in the center of our brain. This is also the location of the part of the brain that regulates our body temperature. It is hard to say with all of the different attacks. the MEDUSA-like attack was by far the highest level of energy directed at me and for a long time.
Walking around in the cool and cold weather also does help me look sane and may have been a desired effect. If others are dealing with this effect and have a fan on them all the time please speak up it may be a common long term effect of certain types of attacks and might be considered evidence.
My plea to gather evidence then on 1-1-2001 was covered up. Records claim my urine was normal in color when it was clearly brown and I pointed this out as the evidence to my attacks and wanted this analyzed.

Peter Rosenholm

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