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#609 Why the Medical Communitee is Participating

#609 Why the Medical Communitee is Participating

I understand that doctors are cooperating and know a lot more than we think. I think they are lied to, mislead and did read something about laws on the war on terrorism or the, "Patriot Act". where doctors must conform with new laws and guide lines. they now cannot look at a patient as, "do no harm anymore", as the oath they have taken.
what I read sated if they did not comply with these new laws that their license to practice medicine and their property can be seized. in essence they can be totally destroyed. I have been tortured and totally destroyed for attempting the go to a hospital to gain medical evidence. medical records were altered and like you the correct testing was denied or ignored. I would consider the medical community as also being under attack.
One doctor confided in me that the prices he could charge were ridiculously low and regulated. He further said that the board of who ever that runs and over sees the operation of the hospital were politically appointed and weren't even doctors. He implied that they were organized crime much like the governor who was trying to sell president Obama's Senate seat had his wife sceaming in the back ground as they were negotiating for a politically appointed job for her. I don't believe she has any qualification other than her father was in politics and had taught her the political game. These jobs come with a huge pay, benefits and retirement. these people also owe there allegiance to the people who put them in power like who to hire, fire and what companies to purchase supplies from at twice the going price.
This is happening to all supposedly non profit organizations, hospitals, Universities, Mental hospitals, commissions that determine the going price for utilities like, telephone, electric gas, cable all are monopolies and regulated.
It reminds me of the communist party members in Russia and China. Like Russia in the end the communist party had all the good jobs, lived in the modern cities, where the best doctors were and lived in the best apartment and had summer homes. the store shelves were stocked while other took there pay to stores outside of the city where the shelves were empty. Welcome to the new elite and communist party members that are taking control of every aspect of our society. Passing more laws all the time that appear to be helpful but are meant to take further control.
Luckily when I was rushed to the hospital with what seemed like a heart attack that was probably induced by directed energy weapons two women came into my room to tell me I was being drugged to death. Doctors never said a word. Why when they obviously new I was on far above the maximum dose of multiple medicines to cause harm. I think because they are under a similar control as we are.
No wonder I had to sign a document stating that I couldn't join the CIA when I took a course in the philosophy of communism. not because I would become a communist but because I would see the sign of it's implementation in the US.
Peter Rosenholm

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