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#694 has anyone noticed/who is attacking and studying us?

#694 has anyone noticed/who is attacking and studying us?

>A TI on another group wrote: ...that there are 500 hundred members on this group and >only a couple dozen ever post?

I woke after a dream that was manipulated and could hear what sounded like a teacher questioning students about my reactions to the situation and what they thought it might indicate about me.

I have contacted the NIJ National institute of Justice who test and legalize non-lethal weapons for the FBI and they returned the call with a conference call where they allowed me to talk but stated that they were not able to open an investigation but would listen to me. I later called this same department and spoke to the public relations officer we talked for a while. He talked to me like he knew me. When I tried to get and admission of V2K he said,"You know we can't admit to everything Peter".

At some point there had been an article about us TI's and psychologists or psychiatrists discussed our claims and what appeared to be a mass delusion but that the government did have weapons that can cause the effect we claim.

It is Universities and government weapons research that put billions into these weapons, so you can bet we are being studied. Somewhere people are studying our reactions to the weapons or lack of reaction. They may have a map with TI locations lit up and be able to focus on individual TIs as they discuss our targeting and be able to pull up file of our targeting history and medical records. They may well be reading of internal vital signs as we go through these attacks. I think most of my V2K now happens just before, just after and when I'm asleep. We are after all billion dollar lab rats.

After a severe MEDUSA attack, hospitalization and other non-lethal weapons attacks I was laying committed in a hospital bed will a camera pointed at me. I had found that soaking wet towels would dull the attack to some degree and was ignoring my attackers. A woman came on after what had been all male voices though the attacks up to that point and read something to me. she read".....desperately wants to be successful but can't detach from his common man". I hadn't addressed them for some time and said under my breath, "Fuck you". She then replied to the male operator who had been trying to get me to respond all day. "See, give a little get a little".

Statements like, "Detach" and "Common man", sound like a psychologist to me. Also after all the attacks and when I had put the wet towels on my head it sounded like people opening a door and whispering in, "Did you get a tape of all that" and then the response was "yeah", then "Can I get a copy"? Yes. "Then it seemed like others opened the door asking the same question until the operator said," Yeah tell everybody and stop coming in here".

I would guess many people are analyzing what is being done to us, covertly, overtly and what our reactions are to this consciously and unconsciously, mentally and physically". Not to mention how others react to our attempts to inform others and how they react.

They are trying to control, reward, punish and influence people to control this society and the world. I think they are being exposed as we speak and it is falling apart.

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by Hughie Dos Reis on October 26, 2009 at 2:10am
Will this torture ever stop????
Comment by HolyHellcat on October 26, 2009 at 3:01pm
I have no clue who is behind it, but they seem to have limitless resources, which should narrow the hunt. I do not believe it can be limited to just a gov't program, it is too big. God blss us and God bless them.


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