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#698 Some very early observations about children, isolation, motivation and control

#698 Some very early observations about children, isolation, motivation and control

Some very early observations after a TI who must have done this survey of TIs with and without children stated that 51 percent of TIs have children.

There is a high number of TIs without children of that there is no doubt. It seems to be more prevalent in the 50 and 60 something TI's who were also targeted in there later years. I think as a precaution until they could see the effects. Now TI are being targeted younger as the results come in and the number of TI's is increasing. It might be that a pregnant TI can now be determined more easily. It also seems that the Isolation we TI experience makes it less likely of a pregnancy because of lack of sexual activity. The isolation also seems to be part of the targeting and makes the targeting more effective. Having friends and family around makes the targeting harder and gives the target more psychological and emotional support to allow them to over come this assault.
I am now seeing parallels with this same practice on society as a whole. The modern family where the husband and wife have to work to support themselves lead in essence to a form of isolation. Financial pressures brings this on and they also live in a state of higher stress and anxiety. this is leading to marriage break ups. Putting further stress on people and further increasing isolation. the children in all of this have isolated stressed out parents who aren't home to pass on experiences and knowledge. TV, school and pare pressure take on a larger role in their development thoughts and ideas. Even when parents stay together the stress and exhaustion take there toll making them less effective instructors in their children's lives. Perpetuating children to look for this support else where.
We are a more intense microcosm of what is being done to society as a hole. People who live on the edge of survival have less control of their lives or that of their children. This means that each successive generation is taken further down this road where they have less control and others have more control over them.
This same support is happening in neighborhoods in my opinion. I know my neighbors well having built my home one block from where I grew up. so I am close with a lot of my neighbors. This is not normally the case though. the tribal security where the group kept the failing individual of family afloat has been undermined. People are loosing there jobs and homes and going homeless. I was wondering what was happening to these people when I learned that a large group of people had begun living under the highway near me. They were beginning I believe to form alliances to help each other. I was planning to bring supplies over when I heard police had evicted them. Then I heard an Indian let them live on his land in the country but that the land was then condemned as being polluted and the people once again had been evicted.
There was an article and they said temporary housing was being looked into but that the people felt unsafe in the public housing areas.

Peter Rosenholm

Questions to consider:

Why are Americans the most productive workers in the world?

Is it actually in our and our countries best interest to be so?

Has this system of control made this the most powerful country on earth?

Is there more or less conflict in the world because of this control?

Is our system of democracy/ real or a smoke screen to motivate us into thinking we have some control?

Who is in control of this country and the world and what does it have to do with targeting us?

Are we actually slaves and are to be covertly terminated if out of line.

When groups are targeted as the Branch Dividians and that latest Mormon group is it really because they have taken over there own control and perhaps are not contributing in this form as much as other Americans in taxes.

The department of alcohol, tobacco and fire arms enforces revenue gathering, is that why they move in on these groups?

Revenue other than tobacco, and alcohol are now the lottery and gambling. Prescription drug addiction has now surpassed illegal drug addiction.

Is this the branch of the Justice department involved in TI targeting? They have now been integrated into the FBI and are not a separate branch and now the HLS has emerged with military weapons and psyop capabilities. This could explain part of how and why we are targeted.

Then we come to illegal drug and crime revenues domestic and abroad.

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by treelaw45 TI on October 27, 2009 at 7:02am
I'm learning that the history books are indeed writen with bias by the victors.


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