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#700 Accumulative Effect

If being studied is part of our targeting then there has to be input to screw with us and then output which is our reaction or response. I guess before we totally dismiss claims we should ask is it possible? And no doubt to the creative mind all kinds of supposedly impossible things can easily be made to happen. If a horoscope was made to relate to my life the chances of me reading it would be one in a million. Maybe the question to ask yourself is would you have read that if your friend didn't read it to you? All this theater takes coordination by a number of people....The thespians/perps.
We at first are ignoring actual perp activities like brightening with lights and later realize it had happened, but most of these things would go unnoticed until they begin to accumulate. It is this accumulative effect that eventually makes us aware of the effort to screw with us is taking place. I'd say one two or three of these events would probably go unnoticed but at some point we do notice and can look back and see it was more prolific that we might at first have thought.
The problem is that at this point we can become hyper-vigilant and even read more into it than is actually happening. One example is targets thinking that a TV personalities are targeting them. Although it is possible for a TV personality to speak for the V2K, it is unlikely they would spend the next 5 years doing it. What is the most probable is that voice cloning is being used to imitate friends, family, neighbors or even a TV personality.

Peter Rosenholm

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Comment by SheriGrutz on October 29, 2009 at 11:54pm
Hi peter, I've thought if I was boring enough, the broadcasters would stop watching me or making any sort of move in my direction, but it hasn't happened. I've even decided to open myself up by having a blog and making this my center of attention for them and others, but I don't think its curbing the surveillance attraction at all. I don't talk with them or at them but its a nagging inner thought that they are watching me or know about me. The circle in the surveillance is spreading wider. I have a question for you. Do you know why George Mooney, or whomeever does Coast to Coast or Alex Jones or some of these guys on the airwaves can't give us the proof that we are under surveillance? There has got to be some good guys out there that are talking about our issues without actually admitting that they know who we are, have access to us, or will help us in some way. I don't understand how it can be kept such a secret and why? If these guys are watching me, they are crooks too. there really is no one to be trusted. I may spend some time here soon trying to contact these guys and get some information. They talk about these issues all the time, so let's see what they know.
Comment by treelaw45 TI on October 30, 2009 at 1:35am
It is breaking sheri. I think the History channels, sho, "Tahat's Incredible", on, "Mind control" was a good public demonstration. I just read a piece in "Mother earth News", about the owner and wrighters experience that they're being gang stalked is good.

#692 Mother Earth Journal/ gangstalking | cause stalking | organized stalking
Mother Earth Journal
experience of environmental / Native American reporter Terri Hansen on september 10, 2009: search

It seems to be brealing out. Keep ignoring your surveillance and make their time borring.


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