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I hear disembodied voices all the time all around me, that emanate from the inside of my home and car, and from sometimes other places. The voices go directly into my head, and seem to surround me, but I can pinpoint them to a location, such as my radio, overhead speakers and my cell phone. LOL!!!! I'm sure most people have had the same experiences I have just described, where sound travels to you via a receiving device that is then received by your built in receiver, the cochlea.

Most people cannot imagine that any sane person could hear disembodied voices, but I have just explained how any sane person can and does hear disembodied voices via technology everyday. Hearing voices in many cases is accepted and quite normal if we're talking about radios, cell phones and other known technologies. But what about when the source of the voice is not known, and it's origins are not clear? That's where things can get weird. 

Of course, surely no one in this day and age would think twice about any device that receives or transmits sound as "magic", "not real", "supernatural" or "out of this world". Most everyone knows that sound can be sent via technology, because we don't live in the Dark Ages, or do we? 

Although my personal description of hearing disembodied voices is not uncommon for most people in today's technologically advanced world, because most people use radios, cell phones and the like, but it is the basis for what I am now going to describe as a fairly uncommon occurrence some prefer to call "V2K". What is "V2K" besides another silly Gangstalking term?

"V2K" is the most common moniker given to the type of technology that is said to cause people to "hear voices" when no one else is around. How can anyone possibly hear disembodied voices and not be, well, "crazy"? The answer is easily explained with the proper technology. If no electronic receivers are being used in the homes of alleged "V2K" victims, then the technology would likely have to be ultrasound wave or microwave in nature, as both can induce sound (voices) in or around someone's head without a receiving device. Anyone who keeps up on technology knows that this is true.

Please note, I'm not talking about microwave ovens here, but instead microwaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Even though microwave ovens use microwaves, I'm not referring to microwave ovens when I'm referring to microwaves. I just wanted to make that clear in case someone is reading this and gets concerned that theirmicrowave oven can speak to them. Hehehe

In December of 2010, I spoke of the plausibility of people hearing voices via certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.
After all, sound is only a dispersion of energy across certain wavelengths that are audible to us. This time, I'll explain a bit more than I previously did.

Many Gangstalking websites make claims of victims hearing voices and base this experience on "V2K" technology. "V2K" is supposed to stand for "Voice To Skull", and the technology actually does exist in the form of directed ultrasound sound and directed microwave sound, which are two of the most common types. I'll go a little further on each one here as I write, without getting too technical. 

"V2K" is also alleged by Gangstalking websites to be a government code name for the technology to induce sound in someone's head, but that does not change the fact that it sounds less than professional and rather silly to me, but after all isn't that the point of a code name? Code names are supposed to sound silly so that people hearing them don't know what is being referenced and people who repeat the words sound pretty stupid doing so in regular circles. If it was regular terminology it wouldn't be code, right? Still that doesn't mean it isn't a hoax term meant to hide a truth, it also doesn't mean that it isn't a truth term "cloak in dagger".

Rather than argue the validity or absurdity of "V2K" I will just refer to the actual technology itself, directed sound, that has been available for over 40 years, and can induce audible sound in or around someone's head. The technology has been used and researched by and for the military, the field of psychology, business and science. It's in everyday use as you read this even now. 

Directed sound can happen in more than one way including the "Microwave Auditory Effect", but I'll come back to that later. Now how does directed sound work?

No receiver other than the human head is needed for directed sound technology to work. Directed sound works by narrowing the path in which a sound wave is set to travel. The sound wave traveling on it's isolated path can be directed with precision to a targeted area. Think of the way a laser pointer works. With a laser pointer, the wavelengths are directed into a path that cuts down dispersion so that the beam can travel in a narrow path, well sound can be made to do the same thing under the proper conditions and wavelengths.

Light waves, sound waves and microwaves are all just frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the size of the wavelengths is the key factor in directed sound, because the wavelengths must be narrow in order for the technology to be effective. Microwaves will be the first plausible explanation I'll cover here for people hearing voices absent a mental disorder. 

In 1961, neuropsychologist Allan Frey was engaged in work for General Electric's Advanced Electronics Center, located at Cornell University. General Electric's Advanced Electronics Center conducted research that included many efforts to advance the defense industry. Dr. Allan Frey was a part of some experiments using microwaves at GE's Cornell research facility, and was the first to expound on the properties of microwaves that create distinct sound patterns heard by people within close proximity to devices emitting microwaves. The phenomenon was first noticed in WWII when technicians using radar technology heard distinct patterns of sounds in their heads while working with or in close proximity to radar technology, that was not audible by individuals who were not near the equipment. While conducting microwave phenomenon experiments at Cornell University, DR. Alan Frey published "Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy" based on the research he conducted at General Electric's Advanced Electronics Center. Dr. Frey also published his findings with the American Physiological Society in 1962. Dr. Frey's findings on microwaves have been cited in various publications over the past 50 years.

The results of Dr. Frey's research showed that mammals are affected by certain frequencies of microwave pulses that make the waves audible. The phenomenon is known as the "Frey Effect" or "Microwave Auditory Effect". The "Microwave Auditory Effect" causes buzzing, hissing, clicking, knocking or scratching sounds that are audible to the human ear when a person is in close proximity to microwave emissions. At the time of Dr. Frey's discovery no technology was available to send crystal clear audible words via microwaves, but the possibility was there and it was highly explored in the decades that followed.

Dr. Frey continued his research, and in 1962 published a work on the dangers of microwaves at the cellular level of humans. Dr. Frey had discovered that microwaves could also do serious damage to cells in the proper frequency and duration of intensity. Some side effects of certain microwave frequencies include nausea, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and that's on the mild side. Of the more severe side effects of exposure to microwaves are heat flushes (induced fever), cellular damage and cancer. Even though Dr. Frey's discovery was in it's infancy, and no words were yet sent via microwaves, the possibility was still there to be explored. The dangers of microwaves were documented by the military in several studies, but the true concern in the defense industry was how to use the new information and technology, because a potential "Pandora's box" had been opened. It was postulated that if sound could travel in microwaves, words could be sent as well, and if microwaves could attack cells than a new weapon could exist. 
Both possibilities were highly explored and developed and are currently under use today in Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

After Dr. Frey published work in the Journal of science on the dangers of microwaves to humans he was allegedly discredited for his findings, which is funny because he was only telling the truth. Oh that's right, the truth can be inconvenient to some who want it suppressed. Dr. Frey's findings prove true in many of the Directed Energy Weapons used by the military today. Which use microwaves to attack cells. Hmmmm? Actually, Dr. Frey continued to work on many government sponsored projects, so I don't believe that he was fully discredited in anyway for his findings. Oppenheimer was discredited! Documentation of research conducted by Frey can be found up throughout the 1980's! 

In 1973, neuropsychologist Joseph Sharp conducted microwave experiments on himself with the assistance of Mark Grove at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The experiments used microwaves to send voice recordings of the numbers 1 to 10 directory to the craniums of Dr. Sharp and Grove. The sound was audible but not at all clear or human in sound, as reported in the 1975 published work of neuropsychologist Dr. Don Justesen In the American Psychological Journal Volume 30(3) The experiment did not attempt to send full sentences to either Sharp or Grove due to the high levels of radiation it would require and the hazard of exposure over safe limits. So it seems that sending audible microwaves to someone's head has a high safety risk, and the amount of energy required to send words is higher than the pitches, clicks and knocking that are usually associated with audible microwaves. Dr. Sharp later went on to do work with NASA, leaving behind his days as the Chief of the Department of Experimental Psychology and Behavioral Radiology at Walter Reed, so he obviously survived the experiment, for several decades anyhow.

The development of Microwave technology has given way to several types of directed energy weapons in the past few decades including Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Sound (MEDUSA) and the Active Denial System (ADS). Yet microwaves are not the only source of directed sound. Ultrasound is another type of directed sound technology, and the most widely used directed energy type.

The use of ultrasound technology was first used by the U.S Navy and Russian Navy for underwater sonar applications in the 1960's, what else was done early on is not widely known. Ultrasound technology was later developed by a Japanese research company in the 1980s, but was abandoned because of poor sound quality and expense. That was until inventor Elwood G. Norris figured out a way to direct ultrasound waves, and in 1996 his company American Technologies produced and began selling Hypersonic Sound (HSS). Dr. Joseph Pompei solved the problems of the earlier versions of the technology, and in 1998 while working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Pompei developed the "Audio Spotlight" a device used by many museums, shopping plazas and the Walt Disney company The early companies that developed ultrasonic directed sound technology include American Technology Corporation (now the LRAD Corporation) Sennheiser and Mitsubishi Another company producing (HSS) is Parametric Sound. Some of the technology developed by these companies is good at over 100 meters. And then there is DARPA's Sonic Projector.

Ultrasonic technology does not need a receiver, but it does need an unobstructive path in which the sound beam can travel. Ultrasound beams have been in known use over the past two decades in military and commercial applications. Ultrasonic sound at frequencies too high can cause physical ailments such as nausea, fatigue and dizziness as well as effects on cells. So ultrasonic directed sound increases the plausibility of the claims that are made of people "hearing voices" who are absolutely sane, but that doesn't mean that it is the cause, just a highly likely source. I hope this helps to quiet many of the allegations made by Gangstalking websites as the government being the only source of advanced technology. I have written many times before that gang stalking makes money, and requires technology that ANYONE WITH ENOUGH MONEY could easily acquire. 

The plausibility does exist that directed sound coming from technology sources using microwaves, ultrasound, or parabolic dishes is the source of the disembodied voices heard by people who claim to suffer from "V2K", but that doesn't mean that there aren't other logical explanations.

Given the fact that not every person is said to be as sensitive to the waves as some other individuals seem to be also gives plausibility to why some hear certain sounds while others cannot. We also live in a world on a grid of interconnected invisible networks that power our digital world. Wifi, cellular networks, radio broadcasts, infrared,satellite radio, satellite cable, cordless phones, bluetooth, car remotes, GPS, wireless controllers etc., are just a few of the devices that have created a web of invisible energy around us. We live in a world that has placed us in the midst of varying waves of the electromagnetic spectrum at almost every moment of everyday. Possibly that level of intense submersion into technology has created a higher sensitivity and adverse health effect than anyone would want us to know. Certain waves effect the body adversely, and many of those frequencies are around us all the time, and are even in use in non lethal weapons used today, this is a scientific fact. If certain frequencies did not effect humans than no weapons using frequencies would exist, and that is also fact. All wireless communications create an invisible grid of varied wavelengths and frequencies of the electromagnet spectrum. What about HAARP? The question is what is the real effect and capability that these invisible grids combined have on us? It isn't like I'll stop using my cell phone or give up wifi over it, but it would be nice to know the truth. Don't you agree?

I myself have experienced sound coming into my home that has been amplified by the acoustics in my home. Vaulted ceilings are notorious for amplifying acoustics. I can't say that for sure what I experienced was "V2K", but at the height of my stalking I was sitting in my living room with someone and we both could hear a man's voice coming into a far part of the room. We walked over to the area and deduced that we were getting noise pollution from a conversation that the recent tenant from across the street was having within his home that was somehow being amplified by those vaulted ceilings. Granted it really didn't make much sense, because the sound was localized in the same area, and was not loud outside the house. The man was usually pretty loud to begin with, and it was his voice. This happened several times over a period of a few months until the family, who were also recent renters, moved out of the neighborhood. I never felt like I heard voices because the sound was isolated, and it was clear that it was someone else having a conversation. I had bigger mysteries to solve at the time so I let that one go. I was already being gangstalked, so hearing some loud ass's voices creating noise pollution in my home, without a direct source, was too small of a concern at the time. 

I have described several modern ways that could have a sane person "hearing voices", but what of the people who heard voices long before humans had the technology to harness the power of the electromagnetic spectrum? Joan of Arc heard voices and the Catholic church concurs that the voices she heard were that of Saints. Muhammad heard the voice of Allah, and that is not at all considered to be the experience of a schizophrenic, but one of a true prophet of God. Many prophets have claimed to hear voices. Many people have claimed to have heard the voice of God or saints in the past when there was no technology available to induce voices that was known to man. Is it than plausible that some other source before the technology existed was in existence that had sane humans hearing voices in the past? 

The electromagnetic spectrum has been in existence long before humans came along. An ancient person or even a person of about 100 years ago, possibly less, would have been blown away by the technology we have today. People of 200 years ago probably could have been persuaded to believe that sending voices through the air was the work of angels and demons, God and the devil, or any other supernatural phenomenon that their minds could comprehend. People of 50 years ago would have been inclined to say that the voices were possibly supernatural or extraterrestrial, as the idea of Alien beings were creeping into mainstream culture. Of course people of today, depending on who you ask, might be less inclined to believe a disembodied voice is that of God, but more likely aliens, supernatural forces (ghosts), schizophrenia, or advanced government technology. 

Although the technology does exist in our present day to induce voices, stories of hearing voices predate all known modern technology. I can shed light on the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum to induce voices and visions (hallucinations) with technology, but what of the time before technology? Yes, there are parts of the spectrum that can induce visual experiences, but thankfully I don't have to give a background on that because no Gangstalking victims have claimed to see things that aren't there, but instead hear what isn't actually physically present. 

Hmmm, how does one define physically present? does a voice really need to be attached to a person to exhibit physical presence? Is a wavelength actually a representation of physical presence? Just thought I'd ask.

On a related note I did search for any military reference to "V2K" and "Voice to skull" technology but I found nothing. The term "V2K" may have been on a military site somewhere referring to actual voice to skull technology in existence that is actually quite different from what has been described on Gangstalking websites. Possibly there was a misunderstanding in how microwave and ultrasound technology works to induce sound, and the creators of the hoax Gangstalking websites might have run with inaccurate information. Which is somehow not surprising. 

I think the term "V2K" may be derived from what is referred to as "bone induction/bone conduction" amplified sound devices used to conduct sound into the head by vibrating cranial bones. The sound is transmitted and amplified in the ears by vibrating the cranial bones of the individual via receptors attached to the persons headgear. This type of technology is currently used within the military and civilian populous to create crystal clear sound from headsets and the like. It's used in headsets for pilots, law enforcement and in other devices. If you have ever used a good Bluetooth, chances are you have been the proud user of bone conduction technology. Here are two example of civilian use and
And here are two for military use.
I speculate that this might be where the "voice to skull" information came from, because the sound is vibrated into the cranial bones to amplify sound, but it is just my speculation. Bone induction technology is actually decades old. Much of the information on Gangstalking websites is half-baked or just plain wrong to begin with, so it's hard to figure out what most of those websites are speaking on anyway. 

Now, although I maintain the plausibility of corporate and government testing of new advances in technology as sources of "V2K", I do not rest my case on any of these facts, because any tech savvy person can build a a laser that can be invisible and burn something or someone up to a couple of yards, a parabolic dish, and a laser sound system that can send sound on an invisible beam of light to a waiting receiving device, all of which can mimic serious government technology. Do some research on homemade engineering projects and see what I mean. 

Plus there's always the old walkie talkie, hidden microphone, or baby monitor placed strategically, to make someone hear voices and sounds when no one is around. Still due to the sophistication of the sound being directed in a precise way, so that only one person in an area can allegedly hear it, it decreases the likely chance of some tech savvy tinker or joker being the culprit, but it doesn't close any doors of possibility of that being the case. The government does funds small research projects, and someone in your city/neighborhood could be an evil genius looking to come up with the next big thing that will entice a corporation or the government to give them millions for a working idea or further research.

So the technology is out there to induce voices in someone's head without receivers, and that is a fact that makes victim's claims plausible. I stand by my first writing on the plausibility of "V2K", and my stance that "V2K" is one of the stupidest terms I have ever heard. If this is the kind of knowledge I give away for free what else might I know? 

The real question is who would go through the trouble to use microwave or ultrasound technology on unwitting subjects, and what would the full gain be considering all of the psychological, physical and property destruction associated with Gangstalking? As always that will have to wait until another time, as there is a huge reason as to why the who is doing this. This is already written long, and if I write anymore it would be the chapter of a book.

I don't promote conspiracy theories here, and I refuse to ever do that. I only present facts, that present an argument to discredit some of the half-baked and asinine claims made on Gangstalking websites. Maybe if more victims took a logical approach to explaining this crime, instead of spreading half witted information that has been passed through rumor-mills, and lost facts in the process, then maybe people would get that they were telling the truth!!!

If I had not been thrown into the world of Gangstalking by force, I would not be writing this now. Someone wanted me to be a victim (big mistake), and they planted information for me to find about what was done to me in a Professor Moriarty type way (bigger mistake), that came off more like Professor Moron (egregious mistake)! But instead of spreading disinformation I only tell the truth to the public. 

Please do your own research if you have any doubts about what I've written here. I am most confident that you will find I have been amply truthful.




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