Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I heard someone on the forum mention this recently. I havnt before really wanted to go down this track because I think we are all special and no-one is better than anyone but has anyone ever felt they had a special calling from God that the perpetrators are thrying to thwart us/stop us from carrying out.

I have been targetted since at least 3 years old, less I believe - I think many of us have but the perps dont give you a full intoruduction until your older, how many of you have strange memories and dreams from your chilhood ? Why would someone target a baby?? unless they can see something in us that is "different" to the norm.

They have the technology to scan auara, soul, DNA, all sorts of things. For me i believe God had a special calling  (not to say i am special) but He had a plan for me that is a reason for this attack and they have thwarted my entire life to ensure I dont meet Gods calling. Its wierd but thats what God has told me anyway.

ps - dont forget to ask for angelic love, light, shileds and protection, they LOVE helping us!!

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Comment by Shashi Kant on March 17, 2012 at 10:20pm

Yeah agree with Bernard on the fact that these perpetrators want us to be in a state of mind where thoughts are conflicting with each other. One could say everyone on this planet has some belief, the reason to create conflict in mind is to take you in a "mental state" where new thoughts or subliminal messages can be sent to your conscience.

Well as far as being  a special is concerned Electronic harassments which especially include Hypnotism  cannot work effectively on each individual out there. They usually seek people those who have gone through something unusual in their lives let it be childhood abuse, isolation during child hood, extremists either emotionally or physically. As these symptoms leads to a state where majority of us stop thinking rationally.

God is a force surrounding us in my opinion and "suzy" you are right that these people they try to stop the natural flow of energy from in and out of our body. The concept of aura is quite old and can be seen in different cultures, especially things retrieving energy from the mother nature and thriving on it.

Comment by suzy on March 18, 2012 at 1:11pm

I still believe there is more to this than just random selection........they tell me its because of our sins this has happened to us which is just a tiny bit hypocritical.....dont you think? Its like the pot calling the kettle black!!

Comment by Shashi Kant on March 18, 2012 at 6:39pm

nah Suzy !

As you said it's just a hypocrisy and one can ask himself that what sin can be worst than to torture Human Beings. A murder, I think can be called as a crime in certain situation ,but I am pretty aware of this fact that there are people those who are involved in more dirty jobs than us. So it would wrong to assume that this because of our sins, ohkay there is an explanation as I said earlier they want to create a conflict in your mind -for example feeling guilty just for nothing! As an example they use to make me feel guilty when I use to have sexual arousal.

We are not random as I said earlier these tortures won't work that effectively on everyone, and indeed there is always a reason behind an action. You need to think more rationally what exactly it is , try to pigeon hole small traces they will give you and you will know the big picture partially!

Take care!

Comment by suzy on March 19, 2012 at 5:10am

There are many religions but only one God who answers the prayers of all religions or a higher power if you want to call Him.

Bernd do you believe in a higher power, there is such an evil power prevalent in our lives that there must be a Higher Power who is most powerful in goodness. Otherwise this whole world is damned!! Who will help us if not the power of goodness.

No-one down here wants to help us, everyones gone fruitloops!!


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