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A meeting in Plymouth and a topic of old age for tis

Hello my Friends

I am organising a ti meeting to be held in Plymouth in May 2013.

By may i will have a place and proper address so i will offer to host a meeting but i ask you to bring your own bits and peaces ie sleeping bags,food and drink.

I dont mind if you want to smoke outside of my home but many if not all council properties have smoke and fire alarms today so thats how it is.

I use recording equipment in my own space all the time and i absolutely recognise your right and responsibility to yoursleves to use your own recording equipment at all times. Please make sure you bring enough batteries for your equipment.

The nature of the abuses for us all means i can gurantee the places im offered will have perps either immediately next to me or very much in the same road or street anyway.

I am hoping the weather will be good, if so i would ask you to come on a walk to the more parklike areas or catch a bus to go into Cornwall and take a coastal path walk where we take in the air and can speak pretty much freely as these places are usually very quiet. we could find a cafe and eat outside if you wish.

The only other thing we need to keep in mind is Please lets keep my place and the countryside tidy so if you bring a bag or two to dump your rubbish when we have eaten thats real cool :).

Email me if you wish and i will happily organise and agree with you a program of speakers and topics. or perhaps given the way things are at times you might like to consider writing down your own suggestions and telling it how it is for you.


One topic very much in my thoughts these days is being able to find a cheap place to live outside of the UK. What would be even cheaper is for several people to live together in a cheaper country than the UK.

As many of you have said and we will always see repeated because more and more people are being classified as tis all the time is we keep reinventing the wheel so much time and often resources are being wasted because we are so poorly organised. I think real organisation is difficult when tried at distance, when we are in a group and stay as a group living that way for a trial period where we make no demands on each other and everyone can choose to leave at anytime i think we will have made at least a step in the right dierection.

Personally i look towards the future and unless we choose to look after each other its a very scary prospect where the day would come that we lose our own independance and be placed against our will into a home or hospital because we have no-one who gives a dam.


Getting old as tis go is a nightmare in the making unless we prepare and learn to prepare. You all know what we can expect after using our younger years to advocate free speech in the faces of facists.

I have seen people who care being physically forced into sudden and hard movements while they were attending the needs of thier loved ones which resulted in that elderly person or loved one missing thier hold or losing thier balance or having an item of furniture forced into thier legs and arms leaving the biggest of bruises and other more serious injuries inflicted on the very people they love the most.

Thats what we can look forward too if and when we lose our personal independence.


Lets get people organised who have humanity and the maturity and education of carers to offer a better place for tis away from thier and our sadistic and mindlessly stupid and savage torturers in our later years.

Remember it will be your day to come. who is going to be there to care ?        

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Comment by ben demps on January 22, 2013 at 6:44pm

You might like to keep in mind that they are killing old people in hospitals by starving them and thats today, its in the now!!!. They can take weeks to die and are simply ignored. And these are the people who spent thier lives as the good sheep, always bowing and complying,not maiking any fuss or rocking the boat. Thats thier wonderful reward.     

Comment by Soleilmavis on January 23, 2013 at 7:11am

This is a great idea.

I do believe that victims who went over the hell (the grave) would treasure peace and love  more highly than other people.  I do believe they would live together peacefully and find happiness.

Comment by ben demps on January 25, 2013 at 6:00pm

Thank-you soleilmavis i much appreciate your altruistic support :)

Comment by Shamim Sheikh on March 27, 2013 at 7:57am
I am considering renouncing my citizenship after receiving no help from any of the government agencies in the whole of the UK.

The electronic harassment is in all likelihood solely a satellite-based tracking system as RF Smart Meters can be ruled out following a recent power failure in my neighbourhood. These satellites would be the property of the USA and their use will be allowed on any nation with close political affiliations to the USA.

I'm guessing Russia, China and to some extend India would be free from American electronics harassment, so I'm considering enrolling to a university in India, after which I may apply for citizenship there.

The agricultural land there is still reasonably priced and a safe store of wealth. I would sell my overpriced home in the UK to build a home for relatively next to nothing in India.

I am also contacting family members in an attempt to oust the America's from my foreparent's village of Katia, Bangladesh where the Bibiyana Gas Field is situated.

It is absurd that I have been placed today under an economic burden due to the covert electronic harassment when at the same time my ancestral homeland is being sucked dry by the same blood sucker which has been involved in nothing but pillage and disorder against the great civilizations of the world.


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