Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

     I am as anxious as anyone to see this torture and assaults come to an end.  My torturer retired recently and my assaults have started coming late at night and when I am trying to sleep.  He has been assaulting my head.  He threatens my teeth and he has been following through by inflicting pain in one or a group of teeth.  He threatens me by saying "I'm going to take away your muscles"," I'm going to exhaust him", and "I'm going to damage your equipment".  He also makes my face tingle with a vibrating sensation around the area of my nose and mouth.  He does this a threat of disfigurement.  Some may ask, has your face been disfigured?  I would answer no, not yet.  But he threatened my penis and damaged my penis in three different ways, he threatened to take my breath away and then damaged my lungs, he threatened to damage my joints and he did damage some of my joints.  The damage was preceded by repeated stings and electric shocks to those joints.  I take his threats seriously but what can I do, be silent.  He going to damage me anyway.

     Some may ask, why is communicating with PHR and Universities a good idea?  The answer is, they are not afraid of governments and they will not be silent.  But they must see an overwhelming number of individual voices expressing what they've been experiencing.  We must also reply to Human Rights Watch as Robin Yan did and we should all mention that we saw the reply letter sent to him and we also want to add our names to his as people who are being tortured and assaulted daily.  We must be persistent and we must not let them forget about us.  A negative reply must not stop us.  We must force them to look into this evil involuntary human experimentation.

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Comment by Music Teacher on December 1, 2019 at 6:04pm

Hi Michael, I am really sorry this is happening to you. I used to be a TI too and it is one of the most awful things to happen to a person. I am not a TI anymore. You can read my blog for all the information. 

I took a homeopathic remedy called Silicea 30c by Boiron. It works in the body to bring out any foreign particles and in my case, the implant chips. If you are a TI you have implant chips that the perps use to do the harrassments to us. The Silicea 30c brings the implant chips gradually to the surface of the skin without surgery.

If you want to know more read my page. I am now out and not a TI anymore.

Keep safe

Music Teacher


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The Vatican are experts in psychology. It is essential to them that they are experts in psychology in order to keep their estimated two billion followers from ever thinking logically. If their followers ever began to think logically they would then have no followers and no more money flowing into their coffers. In order to render their followers into a state of unquestioning obedience and subservience they covertly use electronic mind control on school children. However, when I was a child…See More
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