Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

When someone has an injury they give me that injury also. When I think something is there when it's not there they mock me because of it.

They party when they see me naked. Because I cover up very well now. They mocked my body too much. Now they try to mind control me to bath without bading suit.

They search for the songs and films I watch. They forward them and feed me the lines of them to make feel bad. They steal things from my past and pretend to know them better than me 24/7.

They told me they are never gonna stop doing this. They are not intelligent, they want to be that.

They creating evil people.

She just don't want to be punished,  they tell their followers. The followers of the perps stalk me on the street in the train, in the shop, in the bus, when I go jogging and also at my job.

The parate everything the perps tell them, they parate me also. My private business is with the crazy people and the evil people. They all pretend to be better than me. They just want to irretate me every single day by parating my business. They talk about my life as if they have the right. If I'm not happy they are happy. 

The Perps are ganging up on me. Two children with bad manners imagion that.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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"The Disgrace, full of pride but is a "NATIONAL DISGRACE" walks on the blood of people who gave their lives for freedom. GARBAGE COMMIE!"
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"The garbage walks over the constitution of USA and all the kids who gave their lives to fight communism and fascism."
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"Truth, he is a "NATIONAL DISGRACE" for USA. Destroying tax paying citizens and corporations who committed no crimes."
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"The garbage is full of pride. Has access to military cyber warfare tech and thinks he is some great person."
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"He is so full of pride because he has access to cyber warfare tech access. BUT he is a COMPLETE LOSER."
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