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I must be in one of my pissed off moods, of course I've been pissed off more or less for the past 10 years since this began.  My alternative is to give in and respond emotionally to each and every poke and jab thrown my way, like the opinions of malicious strangers should somehow be valid criticism or matter.

I STEADFASTLY REFUSE to respond in any way, verbal/mentally/emotionally/otherwise, to tactics being used against me.  As for my life (past and present), it is none of anyone's business or concern.  I will not open the door and respond, which in effect is giving some stranger my permission to critique my behavior and spiritual soul.  You answer ONLY to you, not another breathing human being, no matter what their motives.

Shut the door on tactics directed at making you feel bad or guilty.  It's bad enough to be stalked, mobbed, harassed, and intimidated every day by strangers.  You don't need to start ripping yourself apart and destroy what trust and strength you have in yourself.

Change your chin of glass to one of steel, and let the crap run off w/o sticking.  Because we are isolated and perps are practically the only people in our lives does not mean they are our friends and have good motives in mind when they convey their messages.  (("stockholm syndrome"))

Pick up your baseball bat and don your helmet.  Fight for yourself, and focus on what you can do to put a stop to this.  Take action, any positive action!  Don't talk to your perps, don't listen to your perps, don't respond in any way because it may look like a sheep, but it's really a wolf hiding under a sheepskin waiting to eat you alive.

They ONLY have power over you if you GIVE IT TO THEM!  Any other "control & power" is an illusion.

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Comment by Carl on November 8, 2015 at 7:03am
Hi. I agree. One defo needs to stand ones ground & stay strong & never 4get who you are. But its ok to giv in occasionally cos they soo piss us off everyday!!!
Comment by CD8888 on November 10, 2015 at 9:08pm

Hi. You say you are always pissed off. Can I ask. Have you noticed any relationship between your experience and your personal habits or living environment? E.g. Room temperature, body temperature, body contents, body condition, perosnal hygiene, toilet habits.............for example, if you get pissed off, have you noticed that, for example, going for a shit puts you in a better mood?

Comment by Bill Perry on November 11, 2015 at 7:44am

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERP ALERT==>  CD8888
By the tenor of your comment to my blog post, it would appear that you have shed your sheepskin and exposed yourself.  Everyone here has a right to feel pissed off at the outrageous way they are treated, without having to face comments like yours.  Only a perp would write a rude and crude comment like this to another TI.  It's evident you are of low character, and one of the stalking losers we deal with every day.


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"I found your articles on Medium very interesting. I think It's always important to use shielding to protect us from these torturers, however TIs should be careful to not spend a lot of money on shielding at once. Even try and see if you can…"
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