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What Is Gangstalking?: A Practical Approach To Understanding Gangstalking

Gangstalking is a term that can be typed into any search engine to produce hundreds of results that allege gangstalking is everything from government experimentation to extraterrestrials, and anything you can imagine in between. 

Across the Internet many conspiracy sites claim that the U.S. government is behind gangstalking and that it is an experiment to test biological, psychological and high energy weapons on the unwitting public. It has been proven to be fact that the U.S. Government once tested biological (),, psychological ( and high energy ( weapons on unwitting subjects in the U.S. and around the world within the past 60 years, so the claim is not that far fetched. 

However, the term gangstalking in itself, and most of the websites related to it are a hoax that is meant to cover up the truth that this has and is happening to many people, most who remain unwitting about what happened to them. It is and has been happening all over the world for some time, at least 25 years in it's current incarnation. This is history repeating itself, but with the aid of technology this time around. 

Gangstalking/Gang Stalking, Terror Stalking, Community Harassment, Cause Stalking and Mobbing are all names for the same creation that has and is being tried out on the unwitting public in an effort to "condition" an individual into a more predictable and moldable personality, or weed them out of society all together. 

I will refer to "gangstalking" as what it actually is, a form of pure "social control". The idiots that actually carried out the concept of gangstalking picked that name probably because it requires a "ganged" group of individuals on a target to effectively "stalk" someone, and it was probably funny to them at the time, as were the other names they tried before. 

Gangstalking is a form of "social control" using the best weapon available---human nature. 

In sociology and psychology there is a concept of "a self-fulfilling prophecy" in which a person is treated as they are a certain type of person until such a time comes when that individual actually begins to doubt themselves and believe what others project them to be and eventually take on the role of the projected personality trait, disorder, or illness. A perfectly healthy individual can be manipulated through a "conditioning" or "socialization" process into many different positive and negative social types. 

Conditioning can be achieved through "positive reinforcement" (reward system), "punishment" (both negative and positive), and finally negative reinforcement (reward for bad behavior). 

Socialization can be best achieved through institutional or peer pressure directed to the subject or to those around the subject that are going to help reshape that individual. 

Both conditioning and socialization take place on many levels in societies, from parents and children to jobs and employees and governments and their citizens. Children are conditioned through positive and negative reinforcement, as well as socialization, to obey parents. Employees are socialized to become part of the work environment and are subject to conditioning through positive and negative reinforcement of job performance. Governments condition and socialize their citizens to obey laws that are either justifiable or unjustifiable in order to operate and maintain a nation. 

Controlling people is an extremely valuable and indispensable priority, as no government or organization can run smoothly without it. So what does this mean to Gangstalking? Gangstalking involves social conditioning in the form of true conditioning and socialization. 

In "social conditioning" experiments people and other animals are trained to do as best as possible what the experimenter(s) wish. At times controls or stimuli are added to the mix of a social experiment in order to manipulate the outcome. A control is just as it sounds, a way of manipulating the end result of an experiment's outcome by means of controlling key factors that would cause unpredictable change. The same holds true in gangstalking, because so much of a victim's enviornment is timed and controlled 24hours a day. Everything from who a person encounters to events that will occur on given days. 

A victim's harassment is based on the behavior predictability of the individual. Predicting the behavior of an individual is not easy, and that is the hardest part to account for. That is why "manipulators" in the form of other individuals and situations are added in order to manipulate a victim's behaviors through group interaction, peer pressure and group harassment known in gangstalking as "street theater". The subject is always outnumbered by the individuals manipulating their environment. 

Gangstalking is a true "social conditioning experiment" that was based on a hypothesized projection of human behavior. 

Each TI/targeted individual, or more correctly termed "controlled subject" is placed in more predictable situations that are easier for the experimenters to monitor, control and accurately analyze. Accuracy is important to any experiment because it is important to the final outcome of understanding or controlling the subject. 

It is difficult to predict the behavior of an individual without an in-depth study and the introduction of various stimuli into the subjects environment. Whenever an individual is gangstalked prior information on the target is acquired ahead of time so that the behavior of the individual is known as well as the behavior of the individuals they interact with. "Gangstalking" exploits several aspects of known group behavior, and operant conditioning methods. 

When key names of people who actually are active participants in this come out it will all be clear what the intentions are behind Gangstalking, especially given their professions. Gangstalking is not a game and those who participate should pay with their lives 100% as they destroy lives with what they do. 

There is an actual human experiment that is going on and it is being masked by hoax names, hoax websites and conspiracy theories. The truth is that something beyond the reach of the rank and file idiots who follow people and introduce the controlled situations to harass individual victims is going on, and what the perpetrators also don't know is that they too are being experimented on. While they are working on victims someone else is watching them and documenting there participation as participants. As in any human subject experiment it is critical to document the subject's reactions as well as the actions of the individuals who are involved. 

The FBI told me that they were "watching it". Well, I guess then they should definitely be given something better to do than to spend tax dollars to be entertained by the harassment of others. Still this is done with a higher authority than the FBI. 

The CIA told me "you must keep a routine", which I denied, with the exception of going to work, which could not account for every random trip in my day being acquired by strangers. 

Unfortunately, conducting a "human experiment" on unwitting subjects, especially when the individual is harmed and when laws are broken and intimidation is used, is illegal. Vandalism, stalking, terrorism, burglary, assault and conspiracy are very much illegal and a huge part of the gangstalking phenomena. 

What goes on is absolutely wrong and the reason it flourishes is because a bunch of evil, apathetic and dimwitted individuals are a part of this "social experiment". I wonder how much they will care when they lose something equivalent to what their victims have lost. It's only fair that it should turn out that way. 

I'll soon get back into explaining the details of why this is happening to people. I just have to find where I left off. I've been really just trying to make my life workout when I know the effort is futile. I still want to help all of you, and if I can help others not to fall into the trap of becoming a victim or a perpetrator of gangstalking, at least I can leave the world with that much.




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