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I went to the doctors today to get some test results. Im in pain all over and chronic pain on my shoulders, arms, neck and feet. I know my body is severely inflammed which is a consequence of years of living with morgellons disease. The doctor has misdiagnosed me with something minor. I know his diagnosis is inaccurate but try telling a doctor they are wrong or that maybe just maybe you know your body better then they do. Of course l cant tell him about the morgellons because then l'll be diagnosed with delusion. On waking lm in so much pain and walking is hard coz my feet hurt so much. I cant get proper treatment because the doctor doesnt know the root of my problems. My biggest fear is becoming immobile....lm too young to have chronic pain like this. I just dont need this with everything else they throw at me. There are a handful of docs treating people with morgellons but of course theyre all private and l cant afford them. Morgellons is connected to targeting because nobody believes you and if you tell a doctor they tell you youve got a mental disorder. 

Im trying to keep positive and hoping this pain will just go away one day, lm trying energy healing. I hope and pray this gets better because ld HATE to be an immobile Tl. That would just be too much.

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Comment by Sue on March 22, 2019 at 2:14pm

That all sounds really painful James. Is the pain better now? Maybe mine will get better....l can only hope. I agree about the doctors. Most l have seen have been complicit to this crime. They have given me delusion diagnosis and not helped me at all. Im so glad you are able to work. That is great and better for you to deter your mind from all this.

Comment by Sue on March 22, 2019 at 3:58pm

James how do you know you have implants? 


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