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answers to comments on my earlier post about the perps true identity and additional must read

I really appreciate the comments and logical questions being asked by all of you. Please keep asking and commenting. As for the involvement of our own governments; I agree that there are some people who are being used as targets by the governments of the known world. But I think that the whole humanity and those of us who have been targeted by the perps in a more blatant manner as to have enabled us to become aware of the harassment and hence made most of the TIs become aware of the remote control/harassment. I think the government who are involved in remote mind control/ harassment will be the last ones who would want to create dissidents who are aware of their machinations.

 Furthermore our governments will not want anybody to complain about such thing.  When we critically think about how the TIs are effected; it is clear that the perps want us to blame our own governments. They are keep doing this to more and more people because in their assessment; their plan is working because there are more and more TIs that become convinced that the only possible perpetrator of this evil technology is the governments.

I believe that if there is a group of people being targeted by our own governments as guinea pigs are more likely to be unaware that they are being targeted. The whole purpose behind remote mind control is to control and influence the people’s thoughts and actions covertly without letting the targets know that they are being remotely controlled. If the targets become aware that they are being controlled; they will not be controllable anymore. The methods being used on us are not something that covert human governmental organizations would logically conduct because it is counterproductive. Why would the government of the world want to keep growing the number of people who will become so upset at the government that they will do anything to stop them by exposing them? If the human governments really at first did do the things that are currently being done to us, I am sure that they would have improved their systems and methods as to become more covert to prevent people from finding out what they are doing.

Also most TIs consider themselves to be a victim of a sick mind control experiment. I do not believe it is an experiment at all. If it was an experiment, there should be improvements and changes in the modus operandi and effectiveness of their machines over the years. If you consider the pace of technological development of the world; I am sure that the effectiveness of their equipment and their modus operandi would have evolved drastically over time. But in my own experience as well as from what I read about other TIs experiences; I have not seen any improvement in effectiveness or changes in their methodology during the last 25 years of living as a  target.

I was able to see through their methods and developed counter measures which enabled me to join the army, retire after 20 years of service while at the same time getting married and having three children. I was able to accomplish this because I guess like cockroaches that become resistant to the same insecticide when repeatedly exposed to the same thing; I became less sensitive and resistant to their harassment. Even the V2K doesn’t bother me too much anymore because we fought, debated and discussed about almost anything there is to talk about. We basically ran out of things to talk about or criticize about and I only talk with them now when I initiate the conversation because I am bored

Getting back to the point; Yes, our governments are most likely conducting and/or developing Mind control machines and there are likely a very small group of people who are being targeted by our governments in a totally different covert method where the targets are not aware that they are being toyed with. The extremely large number of TIs springing up in almost all the countries of the world who are being targeted like us are not targeted by our or their governments. There is just no feasible reason for it. Why would they want to create people who will protest and complain against them and dedicate themselves to expose this evil technology? This is totally the opposite effect of those who desire to control their people. The only feasible explanation is that the hidden civilization who wants us to self destruct is doing what it is doing to create dissident groups in all the nations. They want us to get angry at our own governments and suspect each other in order to eventually bring about anarchy and chaos to cause the down fall of our civilization.  

Another point I want to make is that I believe that it is possible for us to develop some type of shielding that will stop any mind control waves that are being transmitted by our own surface dwelling governments. I also believe that the targets of our own government mind control machine could move to remote areas of the world and escape the influence of the machines.

My own experience as well as that of the famous TI: Eleanor White proved that the perps who are targeting us are using a type of radio wave that cannot be shielded by any known current methods. If you are contemplating on trying to shield or capture the perps signals; I suggest you don’t waste your time, energy and money. The technology the perps are using is so advanced that even a Faraday cage will not shield their signals including their V2K!..Additionally over the past 25 years; I have lived in Hawaii, California, Louisiana, New Jersey. I also traveled and lived in the Far East (Korea & Japan), was in Afghanistan, Ireland, England, Amsterdam, Germany. No matter where I was; the seemingly same perps followed me everywhere….They did not even stop while I was flying on a plane. So if some of you are considering moving; thinking that you can get away from the perps; it will not work. I even went deep inside the caverns without being able to shake them loose……the word of hope I have for you is that if you have a strong character and do not harbor hatred towards your neighbors etc….You will be able to learn to live a normal life despite it all. I will post some of the techniques I used to live with it sometime later…….Also; I am working on another long post which is a continuation of my first post to expose’ the true identity of the hidden perps and perhaps how we can eventually overcome it and bring about a world where there is no wars, conflicts, and diseases. Stay tuned people.


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Comment by Sally on January 16, 2014 at 8:15am

Thanks for your response Michael. Im curious, this civilization you believe are our true attackers, do you believe they are human, demonic, a different species? If they are human how would they have become so much more highly advanced than us? I agree with you this isnt experimentation but an even sicker agenda then that. But what is to be said for the covert government mind control operations we know have been conducted such as MK Ultra etc.

Comment by Michael Graham on January 16, 2014 at 9:40am

Sue, there are a lot of information floating around about the aliens such as reptilians, grays, the tall whites, the mantis types etc….to tell you the truth; I don’t know whether they are human or not but I am strongly leaning towards them being a branch of humanity that has settled and developed without being subjected to periodic destruction like our own civilizations were.  Based on my investigations, I believe they are human beings. I was very surprised to hear about the alleged latest leak by Snowden claiming that there is a highly advanced homo sapiens just like us living in the subterranean world.  I came to this conclusion more than ten years ago. I am not sure if alleged leak by Snowden is real but I agree with the content no matter where such info came from… Snowdens leak about advanced subterranean race

The only fact I am 100 percent certain is the fact that there are hidden (hidden from us) civilization(s) on this planet we call earth and they consider our solar system as their own territory why do you think the US never went back to the moon?. Also I am certain that this hidden civilization is thousands of years ahead of us in terms of its technology. I know this because believe it or not; I witnessed a very high tech UFO maneuver in front of my eyes moving in an impossible way. That was a real eye opener. Before that experience, I used to think all this ufo, alien stuff was all a BS. After that experience; I started to investigate all things with an open mind. Religious texts, legends, myths, customs, tales, history, other people’s weird claims such as the hollow earth theory, archaeology, and anything I could get my hands on.  I suggest that you google: diary of admiral Byrd. It is supposedly a diary that was published after the admiral’s death because it could have ruined the high ranking admiral’s career when it was published while he was alive due to the fantastically strange story; it would have surely brought ridicule to the admiral.

As I posted; I am working on a very long post that will address the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. I know that it will open up the eyes of many people. If not; it will at least be very interesting and thought provoking.

As for the perps being demons or demonic in nature; my short answer is no. Demons do not exist period. All this story about the devil, evil spirits, ghosts, angels, mediums speaking to dead people, people who claim to be channeling with spiritual beings, people who claim to hear the voice of god ,communication with other dimensional entities, etc etc, All of this can be explained when you take into account the possibility that V2K and the mind control machine existed for thousands of years. All that stuff was how people who did not or could not comprehend the V2k and mind control machine’s existence way of trying to make sense of the voices, the tricks, the possessions that was happening during the period when our society was primitive without technological knowledge. I bet if what happened to most of the TIs is happening to people still living in primitive cultures deep in the Amazonian jungles; they will think that the demons and devils are harassing them. ……If you input V2K and the harassment capability of the mind control/harassment machine into the equation; a lot of beliefs, customs, traditions, and rituals of the past start to make a whole lot of sense. The sad thing is that there are still foolish people who are tricked by another type of trickery infiltrated by the perps….the newly arising cult leaders and all the poor mind controlled fools who are tricked into following such nonsense to their detriment…..You know what, when you think about it, a lot of people who claimed to speak directly with god throughout history got killed…….hope my answers are satisfactory to you. 

Comment by Michael Graham on January 16, 2014 at 7:51pm

Carrin, I agree with you that our governments are indeed using it. But for reasons I explained on my post: "answer to comments" The majority of the TIs in the world are not the targets of human governments. But yes, I believe it is going on in a much smaller scale with a whole different modus operandi.....I am working on a very long post. I will expound on it then....thanks for your continued interest.


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