Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

This is a heads up for all the targets wondering what is being used to monitor you. 

Do not look insane by searching for cameras or microphones, this is what they want. 

I found out, unfortunately, that they went so far as to use ocular implants. 

It broke my heart because I never thought the people close to me would do this, but they did. 

You will be in denial because it is so's unreal. The fact is that if you have cars following you and people showing up exactly when you exit or enter your 'home'....if you have maroon/red cars, which belong to their pawns, if you notice that whenever you get somewhere they show up, then realize that they are literally watching you through your eyes. Accept it and get on with it. 

Also, answers to who is doing it. Consider this a theory, if you want but I have so much proof. You will have the proof but the fact of who they are, means that you cannot and should not do anything about it. DO NOT report this stuff. That's what they want. Here's why. 

The police, emergency services, government, medical, legal are all connected behind closed doors, deceptively.

The cult that they join is run by those higher up, that then make sure that only their 'own' are chosen for roles such as police enforcement, emt, judges, etc. 

Sounds like a movie but it's true. And it's getting more ramped up. The fact that they make people look crazy, is how they keep this under wraps. 

You guys should study what these people are about. They are obsessed with numbers. And I mean OBSESSED. If you were born on the wrong date, you're blacklisted. Study their beliefs and understand who they are. 

Masonic beliefs encompass hermeticism, magic, numerology, astrology, the secret, law of attraction, etc. 

I'll explain more later in another post but basically, there is no point trying to get justice out of their corrupt system. Focus on your own powers of free will and manifestation, prayer, and remember that within the universe, there are certain laws they cannot violate. 


This is the big question for most targets but really, there are ways to regain your sanity with this. 

First off, their reasoning is not yours...Stop caring why, it's wasted time since you won't convince them otherwise. 

Secondly, the answer is that someone decided to put you on the 'list'. It could be something major like whistle blowing but then you would know and not be asking why. If you are asking means that one of their lower level pawns, which means someone you personally knew, got an ego trip off ruining your life because you either disagreed with them or they just don't like you. 

You have been chosen as a target because they think it's enjoyable. Sorry to say this but you'll notice the evil smirk and excitement they have when harassing you...think about it and remember. The reason they do this, is you have been portrayed as evil and they think this is a fun game. They watch you like a soap opera, or a reality show. 

The other main reason they have to look like they are enjoying this is because they KNOW that your handlers are also watching them via YOUR being as they don't want to be tortured, they cooperate fully and suck up as much as possible in order to protect themselves from the same fate. 

Remember, they have families and pets etc...they do not want to endanger them and they understand the veiled threat of not cooperating....and this is how so many 'gangstalkers' are recruited. They aren't really any street vengeance team, they are just scared humans and unfortunately, they will play along, very few people will stand up. You are one of them, and so you are targeted. 

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Comment by Avneet Kaur on August 2, 2015 at 12:40pm

More about their belief system....they believe in the 'all seeing eye', this is the pineal gland. Study all this info. They are also obsessed with Egyptian gods/goddesses, especially RA/HORUS. Anyone who has RA in their name is considered blessed. Hence, the president bARRAck, and opRAH winfree. FREE is another happy word for them as in FREE masons. They also like the word GOLD. This is all due to their beliefs in the philosopher stone, alchemy. You as a target, have been chosen as prima matera , to make into gold. They believe that by applying constant pressure (cooking) you, they will create internal changes in your behaviour to elicit the philosopher stone result. Notice FULL NAME's comment, obviously a stalker, he is saying I am being put through this to create changes. They are proponents of BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION. They actually think that torturing people is good. This is due to the monarch mind control studies where people who are traumatized have serious brain changes. Unfortunately these idiots fail to notice that what happened was multiple personalities. Anyways, this stuff when I found about it, made me sick and I didn't want to deal with it...but I started reading NDE's and realized, evil has no power over God. Just keep the faith and get through it day by day. Be happy in whatever way you can. 

Comment by FULL NAME on August 2, 2015 at 1:40pm
You have missunderstood me, and you are way off.. i have only added on your comment couple of things to watch on that may help you, when you are under influence your behaviour may change or become irrational or whatever, did not said behaviour modification... just forget everything i said, mistake.
Comment by Sandy Lomax on August 3, 2015 at 2:45am

Avneet - I agree with a lot of what you have said.

Do you have proof of ocular implants, such as scans of your eyes? If people don`t have proof, they need to be wary of assuming they have been chipped/implanted, because it is possible to see through your eyes without implants. I talked to an expert, and he told me this.

I am not saying you are wrong - I`m just saying it is possible to do it without implants.

Comment by Sally on August 3, 2015 at 10:15am

Avneet you have misunderstood.... FULL NAME not a perp.

Youre right in saying they hqve an occult based belief system and their technology is advanced far beyond anything we humans know about. They can remotely view you, see through your eues and read your mind. It is freakish but a large part tech mixed with black magic.

Comment by Avneet Kaur on August 6, 2015 at 11:48am

I do agree that it has a lot to do with black magic and tech...I don't claim to have all the answers...just want to share what I do know, unlike these people who hoard knowledge to themselves and those who faithfully sell their souls to obediently follow them. I think the black magic part is interesting considering end times has said that this will not be a physical battle but a spiritual one. When looking into black magic, it links up with my studies on their belief system...i.e. Aleister Crowley, Hitler etc. which also leads to the fact of Mengele and all the psych testing being done on us. I definitely agree with remote an example, even today, I got lost on my way to a job interview, took many strange side streets and everywhere I turned, roads were closed for construction but 'they' showed up. I've had other proof. I've had one of them try to give me hints, they will if you stay alert and open. The hint was 'you really don't make choices, they are already made'. This tells me that they have seen the future. Don't let that deter you though. It may be another part of the battle but you have to keep believing in free will because from what I've seen, the watchers don't want humans to have free will. Another theory could be that they are being possessed by this 'force' when they take their oaths, they may open a portal to be controlled...just speculation though. What is not speculation, is that at the time I can trace my 'bad luck' starting, I had a strange abduction dream about alien spacecraft. I believe that it's not really aliens but a way to get the implants put in by actual government agents who are dressed as aliens. I am speculating on all this...because, seriously, it's all really messed up. There are days when the healthiest thing to do, is pretend it's not happening. But everywhere I go, people tell me that I have been chosen as a 'sacrifice'. If you hear these key words, listen and connect the dots. They chose me to be part of their game and they feel like I deserve to be in a virtual prison, for whatever reasons they can use. They constantly say they are 'testing' you...and they will. They'll give u so many options to prove you're 'good' but in the end you can't focus on what u would actually do or care about if you focus on don't. The best protection against this is, of course, God. It's very hard to believe anymore...but it's essential. Anyways, today was a good felt almost normal, kept's improving. And I got a lot done. Good luck everyone and thank you for your comments and madminster...I appreciate you feeling I am not a perp but I would say, don't trust anyone. We can never know who is an actor on here, and unfortunately must accept we'll never be able to get close to anyone. Reach inside. 

Comment by Sally on August 6, 2015 at 2:57pm

Hi Avneet

Just wanted to say lve really enjoyed your posts. I can relate to much of what you say. Yes they definitely have remote viewing capability and with events that have happened in my life I also believe they can read the future....your future or at least map it out according to their plans for you. I also get told I have no choices, every choice I make is determined by them and my own will too often works against me and I sometimes feel like giving up for this reason but then remember that God is above them and I therefore MUST have some freewill. I have also been told I am a human sacrifice. I believe we all are according to their madness. I also believe this is in the highest respect a spiritual battle between good and evil and we are the victims of evils current reign. Yes very much what the bible says but I question the bible also. I have discovered that nothing in this world is certain anymore. I wish you well and please keep posting, I enjoy your posts!


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