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 I am a non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring. Remote neural monitoring has vast capabilities that the public are largely unaware of. When I am brain linked to an unknown neuro operative they will verbally harass me and they will mention random names of my friends and relatives. They will also mention names of high profile people. I will then draw up an image of the face of that individual from my memory banks. I will either have positive feelings or negativ...e feelings about that person. I normally have positive feelings about everybody. However, if a strange form of energy is found in my lower strata, then the neuro weapons operative will draw me out by asking me personal questions about that individual.
Similarly, when a targeted individual has very private and personal moments in their past such as a sexual encounter, the neuro weapons operative only has to mention the words "first sexual encounter" or something similar, and the remote neural monitoring subject will automatically and largely against their will draw up deeply personal images from their memory banks. The neuro weapons operative then sees these very personal images from your past on their screens. This is very humiliating for non-consensual subjects of remote neural monitoring and voice to skull military communication technology.
The self-proclaimed elite plan to attach everybody on the planet except themselves on to this remote neural monitoring program. It is a wireless enslavement program. It also has the capability of paralysing the limbs of a selection of remote neural monitoring subjects who have been on the program for many years and who have had a good part of their brains already mapped.
If these neuro weapons operatives succeed in fully mapping the limbic system of the human brain then they will have succeeding in destroying all that is good and true about the human race forever.
Let us hope that they never succeed in having artificial intelligence fully automate the brain mapping process of all human beings now or ever.
We can easily dismantle the whole remote neural monitoring program by dismantling all telephone towers and related antenna. The solution to this nightmare is that simple.

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"At the end of running the multiple room corrections with the booster at 24db, set it to 0 to get the benefit."
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Torture prevention audio using bit shifter and room correction

I have been able to control the system that tortures me using my computer, bass boost and room correction. The bass boost option in the sound settings is only on some systems and you must disable the high range setting first to see it in options, which is replaced by bass management if it is not disabled. Then using a bit shifter and room correction along with an AM Radio that picks up the computers sound at about 1400hz, a victim will be able to stop mist attacks.First startup the bit shifter…See More
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"The CD is free BUT you have to give a donation , that reminds me I have to send one."
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Stephen O' Neill replied to CLS's discussion Organization of Victims to Solve This
"Ha ha ha ha lol"
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"Dipti, I find by understanding this is an old Frequency War (1939) that got hacked in CYBER is just mind-energy catching.   IF you can,KNOW YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT-BELIEVE...ALL THE INFORMATION IS PROPAGANDA_NOT…"
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"Are there any demographics of those enduring, or Helpful hints on proper livelihood and communities that understand the science?"
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