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App that can find out your identity from any photo anyone takes of you;

This article reviews a new app that anyone can use if they take a photo of you, and the app will search the internet and social media and compare it with millions of photos and find ones that are a close match, which can give away your personal details. Stalkers` paradise in other words.

It`s only in Russia so far, but of course it will spread.

What can you do? Just don`t put pics of yourself online I suppose!

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Comment by God's Grace on May 18, 2016 at 8:21pm

Quite scary Sandy, if you watch that movie 'Eagle Eye' you will notice at the beginning, he tells the female that they can track them by their cell phones (we know that now), and that she must remove her battery from her cell.  The movie also moves along to where they have facial recognition while they are driving, so this has been coming for a long time.  They can also watch you through your certain TV's now, which have apps that photograph you and can listen in to what you are saying in your living room, to stop that from happening, you have to pull the plug out of the back of your TV.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on May 19, 2016 at 3:03am

Yes God`s Grace, facial recognition seems to get mentioned a lot now, in fact Prof. Michio Kaku the physicist said recently that soon we will have it in contact lenses so whoever wore them would just look around and the lenses would bring up the name and details of whoever they focused on near by! His videos are quite fun to watch, loads of them on Youtube. Don`t know how seriously to take some of them.

I think seeing through your TV has been going on a while. I believe the perps here were doing it before they used the tech on my body, years ago. I wasn`t sure, but I checked one day by suddenly turning the TV away from me, and I heard a sort of loud yell, so I`m sure they were watching and I stopped them.

As far as the Findface tech goes, I suppose the perps have plenty of info on us, but if a TI had 100s of old photos online with lots of details, they could be a source of background info for the perps.

I was thinking that actually Findface tech is probably a faster, more efficient way to gather info on TIs than the mind reading/memory reading stuff they try on. Because the perps think they are so clever knowing what you have just decided to do - but all you have to do is change your mind, and they are stumped! Or if you are recalling old memories, perps can`t tell what the context is, but photos would prove the context.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on May 19, 2016 at 3:27am

cat cat, I heard of something like that years ago - some TIs said that they could sometimes see things even when their eyes were closed. I never heard of any explanation of that.

Do you ever see light going out of your eyes? I had that. I found out at an Eye Hospital it meant there was damage to my retinas.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on May 19, 2016 at 3:34am

Crossed posts.

cat cat, I don`t know if you are correct, but your explanation sounds good.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on May 19, 2016 at 5:57pm

The bright white specks or sparks going out of my eyes are deliberate harassment by the perps, usually at night when they are seemingly drunk or bad tempered and doing all kinds of things to keep me awake. I can see the sparks with my eyes open.

The reason I went to the Eye Hospital was different - I had a beam of light going out of one eye for a few seconds, when they 1st started messing with my eyes.

Comment by God's Grace on May 19, 2016 at 6:18pm

I heard or read somewhere that you should blink your eyes for a few minutes, and this might help? Speaking of sparks, there was a 3 year period, where they would pump so much electricity/radiation into my body, that if I ran my fingers up and down a towel or stroked my cat, sparks would fly everywhere, this was noticeable at night, when the lights were off. Just goes to show you how much harm they mean to us, but having said that, I think they are starting (when they are sober) to realize that this can't last forever, I had a vision/dream lately of many bright lights (angels) entering planet earth recently, through this haze of dark, coming to assist human beings (may sound crazy, but I'm never wrong about these things) Just look around us, at how many corrupt people/organisations are being uncovered now, it's going to escalate in my opinion, the public is becoming more and more aware, and those things the corrupt of this world have gotten away with for so many years, are starting to crumble.  This too will be exposed....hope you're all voting over there in the US!!

Comment by God's Grace on May 20, 2016 at 7:51pm

cat cat, I know i'm right about the angels, I've been told by people that pray over me that they can see me being protected by them, I pray for their protection over every single genuine Ti in the world, but I have received a revelation, that they have entered in huge numbers on earth now.....!!

You pose a very good question about all governments around the world......!


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