Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Are you being made a pawn in an alternate/augmented reality?

Check these:

1. Does it feel like when you are reading the news, it is referring to you, specifically because what is described in the daily news almost always describes what is happening in your daily life?

2. Have words suddenly taken a dictionary life all their own? Does it seem like when you read thru an article or you hear statements, normal/regular words suddenly mean a different thing? Have you noticed the semantics change? Do they run in conjunction with item no. 1?

3. Do you keep receiving spam or unsolicited email that describe your daily life, even the most private which no one is supposed to even know?

4. Do you feel like you are being made a pawn in somebody's fantasy sports or reality TV story or live feeds? Do you feel like you are being portrayed as one of the main players without your knowledge or permission?

5. Do you experience all these yet are afraid to speak out lest you be called paranoid? (Have you been referred to as one every time you tried to research or speak out on what you are experiencing? 

If you answer yes to any of these, what industry are you in? (Let's check out if there's something common to those experiencing this type of harassment).


Here are some tips:

1. Check Internet Options (for IE). Click on the security tab. Look for META REFRESH. Disable it.

Here are some links about Meta Refresh and augmented reality:

A number of marketing practitioners use these to redirect traffic to their sites.

Unethical competitors use this practice to play with the minds and the lives of those they consider threats. (This transcends web browsing and is done alongside the use of other hardware and software exploits that allow the perp to control the camera and recorder of the victim without the person's knowledge). 



How do they get the info they toy with so they can play with your minds? (Meta refresh and spamming are the tools they employ to feed you back the info they got... so HOW were they able to get it?)

Check how they can access your real-life info:

1. Go to My computer

2. Right click on it, choose properties

3. Check security

4. Check user profiles by clicking advance or edit

5. Once you see this Trusted Platform Module, and you tried to remove it but it reverts to the old settings and overwrites your new config, BEWARE!

The trusted Platform Module gives ANYONE WHO CONTROLS it super admin access to your computer and can overwrite any config you do on your PC.

This just means the one who controls it has full access to your  PC. FULL ACCESS. The person will see what you are seeing, what you are typing, what you are browsing. The person can turn the camera on and the sound recorder on without our knowledge. The person can edit the conversations, the videos or your encoded data. The person can broadcast everything on a nearby receiver - PC or wifi or antenna or cellsite.


6.Your windows OS also has ehome. It allows remote control of your pc by people in and outside your LAN.


7. Your PC if it's powered by Intel most likely has

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Comment by John S on October 26, 2012 at 9:47pm

Hi No Name, I did the same on my blog without many useful replies so I wanted to answer your questions to help you gather at least some information. First of all I am a v2k victim since half a year, just 19 years old without a job and I guess they started even sooner (1-2 years ago), but they dropped the v2k instantly in may this year, It just started from one moment on the other, at that situation I first thought my neighbors were commenting what I did and then the typical TI story started with psychiatry for a few weeks (biiig mistake) and information gathering. Now the last 5 months have been a constant 24/7 not one minute pause harassment and hypnosis torture for me, they don't get tired of doing this even if you know it all.

1. No this doesn't happen because I don't watch TV anymore, but I did a few months ago when it started and I guess that they used it back then to make me think that the certain organisation (Chaos computer club) shown in this report is responsible for this. One of their goals is to use hypnosis plus e.g. a tv show or a person to make you think of an enemy who does this.

2. No, I don't experience this exact method.

3. No, lucky I am not.

4. Not in detail, No.

5. Yes, of course, it is part of the plan to keep these torturing campaigns secret.

Now I can just tell you of my personal experience one very important point about this whole thing:
 Hypnosis! Everything speech related or reality and consciousness related, like 1. 2. and 4. is most likely created with hypnosis. If you are not a voice to skull victim there is also the possibility that they use v2k unconsciously so you wouldn't realize it, the perfect method for hypnosis! I am very sure that they did this on me before they started the complete torture.

Peace and keep it up, maybe we can share some other information!

Comment by SheriGrutz on October 26, 2012 at 10:17pm

Yesterday I called Scott and told him about the Dj who mentioned hide and seek which is relevant to my life in a disturbing way, and how upset I was over this Dj crossing the line, and that it wasn't a coincidence that he said this while I was listening.  This morning, the front page of the newspaper headline is Hide and Seek.  Stuff like this happens all of the time.

Comment by shackled on October 29, 2012 at 3:53pm

What DJ ? I ask becaue in my context DJ is Radio Station DJs, but ARG people use use DJ as a term to refer to the one manning the control PC while it is being used to manipulate a TI's PC, or as a term to refer to the voice over people on streaming videos/audios that double up as movies when they are actually streaming description of the harassment being done to a TI.

Comment by shackled on October 29, 2012 at 4:06pm



Is it just coincidental that I was able to go thru it as part of my Psych class under the wings of a recognized hypnotist in the country?


Is it also but coincidental that who they call my mother in their ARG (just by observation since one person commented he pitied me because I was the one being harassed and attacked but if I "win" it's my "mother" who will get all the winnings since the person who was talking knew I have not permitted nor have I been actually informed about what's going on.)... the person they call my mother in ARG is connected (sister?cousin?) of a faculty member in the very department headed by the person who hypnotized me?


What about hypnosis allows them to do this?


Or are we referring to real-life hypnosis or is it another ARG term that needs to be deciphered?

Comment by John S on October 29, 2012 at 9:20pm

What doeas ARG mean? This DJ description seems to be some heavy information I've recognized one or two times that they did read descriptions of their methods loudly.

I meany by saying they use hypnosis on you, that they use reallife hypnosis or some other form of it called Neurolinguistic Programming

They also seem to use other types of behavioural modification like Classical Conditioning

I especially refer to Voice-to-skull but they can do it with silent voice-to-skull you are not aware of too.

Comment by shackled on October 30, 2012 at 5:09am

so are we being made experiments or what?


was i programmed when i first underwent hypnosis under the wings of the top hypnotist priest in the country?


is this why a lot of what's happening almost always involves priests?


is this why the person/family  into this ARG/harassment thing can identify victims?Because their nearest of kin works in the very department the hypnotist priest is heading? Are they taking advantage of what's supposed to be innocent and privileged information and targeting unknowing victims from the long list of people being hypnotized by that priest? (It was a class - no a joint class - exercise. I was too shy to go alongside them so I chose to go to the department instead so I could go thru the hypnosis alone)


i ask because i noticed these before:


1. almost all who have initially done the bullying harassment came from a vicinity taken from a sour fruit

2. that vicinity is near that school where the priest is.

3. the programming might have started in a different sectarian  church

4. somebody in my family was invited to attend a spiritual seminar, we were invited to

5. that's where talk about the remah started

6. that sectarian church is in the same vicinity

7. the one who invited the family member looked so much like the secretary of the department where the priest is

8. so what's this? an internal cabal identifying victims from the list of people  the priest is hypnotizing? Are they getting guinea pigs from the students and the long list of people who trust the priest? Do they identify the people who live alone and who they know do not have anyone to turn to even if they toy with them?


9. that church which conducted the seminar was based in the penthouse of a building owned by a very rich film producer

10. that film producer comes up with a rodolex of horror and rape-slay films regularly.

11. the family of that producer owns a "reality-based" multimedia company.

12. so what's this? they identify from the people who have trusted the priests those they consider guinea pig materials and expendables and use these people as material for get-rich projects?

13. again: one department member

                nearest of kin's family whose head is also a priest has been forming a string of companies  

                 employing this ARG and Electronic Harassment technology  in the guise of marketing and 

                 information technology.

14. secretary : looked so much alike the very person who invited a family member to the church where all this started.

15. I can identify a number of people who approached me in different ways who turned out to be privy to this victim identification, mind-mapping and IT experiments these people are doing. Of course I am processing this now with the benefit of hindsight, that time i thought these are but random occurences.

  *First of which, a call from a man named Jake who seemed to know my daily goings-on without me telling him anything about it. He would call a number of times even when I asked him not to since I was but staying in a place not my own for a few days. He would invite me to go out with him (or he said if i was afraid, with him and his freinds and I can have my friends tag along, too. He said he's ok with us going to church if that's the only place I am comfortable in). I will write about this in detail. I believe this is important. This happened after the hypnotism.

Comment by shackled on October 30, 2012 at 5:29am

To think I was but 17 or 18 then.


And here I am now, my life destroyed...




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