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Back on here after many weeks of not posting anything with news

Well, I'm back to post what has been going on with me by these abuse and torture weapons being used on me. Tonight while I was laying in my bed I suddenly got sharp pains in my heart for a few minutes. I know it had to be the Military doing this to aggravate and cause pain to me. I see a doctor tomorrow and I'm going to explain my very best on what's going on with me and tell him about the electronic harassment and direct energy that is being directed at me. I'm going to ask him if I can get a doctor's approval for blood work to see if I have radiation poisoning in my blood stream. It's a 50/50 percent chance that he'll agree to it, but just in case his excuse is he doesn't know any place that does that, I will already have 3-4 hospitals lined up that do do tests like that. If everything goes smooth with him and I do get the test done, hopefully I'll have a small amount of radiation poisoning in my blood stream. I don't care if it's a lot or a little, just something in writing that says I came up positive for radiation. Then if that goes smooth as well, I'm going to be looking for a lawyer that will take my case for electronic harassment and provide all documentation to him/her plus my blood test I got done as more proof that this is happening to me. But if for some reason I come up negative in the test, I'm screwed for now. I'll just have to wait it out until something happens (like an investigation taking place/a law being passed by congress). Anyways, I still have the repetitive music playing in my head a lot of times and I still hear random voices in my head. I still get stings on my body and itchiness everyday. I still have pain and pressure in my skull as usual, but I'm getting numb to it more and more. Okay, that's all I wanted to share with you for the time being. Take care.


                                                                                         - James

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Comment by franko on March 31, 2011 at 12:54am
You will have to show evidence to your doctor because he wont believe you, print documents from the net that proves this is real, Walberts Documents are very good proof because its proven in federal court he will have to believe that.  Blood test are very good evidence if it proves your above normal levels.
Comment by Annie on March 31, 2011 at 1:12am
From what I have learned the blood picture can look different as in differences in red or white bloodcells after high radiation exposure. That is what they run tests on when checking if people are damage by radiation when for instance things like the lately Japan incident and their NPP happens. And after kemotheraphy as a treatment for cancer, they also check the bloodcells. I do not think there is any other test, but I could be wrong. But you could keep that in mind, telling you suspect you were exposed to very high radiation of some kind, (not specific) when asking for the test, telling a doctor at some health care office about the energy weapons is not such a good idea, he will probably dismiss you to the mental health care I am afraid. I do not know for how long you have been under this, but my guess is that if it shows in your bloodcells, then it´s after a very long time of exposure./Annie 


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Many people throughout the Republic of Ireland including myself are being attacked and tortured from unknown remote locations by means of frequency weapons.   The Gardai are disbelieving of their complaints and generally tend to send them for psychiatric evaluation.   Psychiatrists are disbelieving of their complaints and tend to erroneously diagnose them as being mentally unwell.    I herewith enclose a post by Magnus Olson on the topic of torture by means of frequency weapons which is known…See More
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