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I Live in Fleet in Hampshire UK, and I have already complained about my gang stalking to all sorts of organisations - data protection act, freedom of information, against the spraying of chemtrails (which has happened in my home town) and I have tried to educate them and make them aware of gang stalking issues world wide.  I have written to Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) and OPCW over chemtrails and Indian Government over Harrassment.  I've copied the body of a letter - here for you to Justin Trudeau that represents whats happening in Fleet, although I had no reply - I thought I'd let you know what I've sent....

I am writing to you after reading in The New European (issue 22nd August – 28th August 2019) about Jack Letts and issue surrounding his british citizenship entitled ‘ Arrogant UK May Regret Canada Spat’.  We are your country is against gangstalking and I’d think you should know how that has been received by Perps.  First of all after reading about and researching what you steps you are taking in Canada to change the laws of the use psychotronic weapons and DEW’s, and holding conferences about this has made me more hopeful that someone has the ability to stand up to what is going on all around the world.  I read that there will a G7 summit in Biarritz in the same article.  They referred to attempts to do help Targeted individuals as ‘a swiz’ and have intimated that you are doing is the exact opposite.  Barry Trower is an ex MI5 man, yet in our country we have already identified that MI5 has been involved with gang stalking and that CIA has been in America, CSEG are denying involvement.  This is why they are calling it ‘a swiz’.  I’ve also heard today from a perps you’re a Jihadist supporter.  These are not nice comments and so I think Britain needs to change its attitude to foreign politics very quickly, or might be extremely isolated.

In Fleet they are also being discriminatory to the Indians by calling them ‘Manesh’, having a go at the Russians, and starving Africans.  I am aware of the politics but they are being very unkind to others by their comments. I’ve warned them  that if they carry on with their comments, they will be in war and with politics they way it is it will also include the Europeans.

 The police have apparently shot two people, beaten people in car and a back room and have used perps in my case and threatened me on many occasions to shut me up.  A nurse benefits agency has witnessed the beatenings, approved and carried on attacking me verbally through V2k use.  I am a fan of your target 101 website that sets out the laws and how you deal with gangstalking there.  I am sure that you’re aware that Britain has also gangstalking through many conferences with British people in attendance.  I am a Targeted individual with family in Canada. I have sent the following to the BMA, with no response. 

I am aware of Voice To Skull and psychotronic weapons use in Fleet in Hampshire, and attach a copy of my letter to the OPCW.  There are issues surrounding radiation in our town centre and would very much hope that you could visit it or least give any feedback surrounding these issues.  We have gang stalking as a regular event here in the United Kingdom  which is affecting the general public and we are concerned about the various health issues and legal implications of this particular crime.  We are aware that several agencies are involved in gang stalking including the local benefits agency, and police force, and NHS and various perpetrators.


I am a victim of gang stalking, and my sexuality has been identified by perpetrators and I have been subjected to a variety of discrimination by police, benefit agency, perpetrators and the NHS as part of street theatre, which I am aware is on the increase in UK, which started in Sussex 1996.

I am a celebate aromantic asexual and various comments, which are extremely illegal have been made over Lesbian and Bi-sexual issues, and I thought I ought to let you know this is being done nationwide.  Sexuality is the subject of hate crime here in Fleet and elsewhere. 


I am aware that there are various nursing staff and teams, even via Benefit Agency and NHS,  in the area that perform human experimentation without consent using the equipment and I have also heard they  are developing these  mobile phone and tablet based Psychotronic weapons for warfare.  I have also been sprayed by chemtrails in my own home, and have witness the spraying of our home town by perps, all illegal.  We do not agree that the Hippocratic oath is being adhered to  at all, and they are breaking regulations and rules.  These include the principles of medical confidentiality and non-maleficence.


I believe it would be a good idea, for more empathetic areas of your NHS, to collate various statistics of hate crime, especially against people who are LGBT+ and those being  gang stalked which is promoting hate crime. I read that in America 98% of those who are gang stalked are in the LGBT groups.  Concerning hate crime and discrimination on the increase I believe it would be a good idea, to offer support to those undergoing various tortures – including psychotronic torture.  I wish to also add that I am suffering sexual abuse and harassment and there has been psychotronic rape as a result. I would be happy to hear from you and if you could contact me by my telephone number 

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