Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They have torture me in my bed on the right side of the neck, it hurts. All because I didn't want to turn my head to the other side. When I lay comfortabele they torture me in my neck. They don't stop until they' ve had enough. That can taje hours.You have to turn your head to my side the male perp says.If I don't he just aim at my neck. I just lay there in pain. Oh we've found something new they say to themselves. If I cross my legs they torture me on my heel.

Don't sit like that they say. Almost every single day they do this to me.Eat like this eat like that thet say. Now you have to eat, now you have to drink. Every day all day long they do this. They are Gestapo people.

They laugh out loud when I cry out in pain.

 They are always looking for new ways to torture me. On tv on peacepink anywhere they can find something new. I am so proud they say. We are from the government they say. We are in a position. Looks more like they're high on Crack. They believe  people will support them. If they only knew. They want to be right. Everybody knows this is not a NORMAL society this way. Human Rights is for you and me. They believe the people are on their side. The Boy perp lies so badly it's unheard. You should hear the noise in my neighbourhood. If only they would drop dead. Ugly bastards. Nobody needs them. Put them where there's no internet, electricity and phones. Ket them live primitieve. Take everything away from them. They are afraid of my language. 

They torture me on my hand as I write this. The girl perp doesn't know anything. She's always going on about how she's better than me. What ever happend to humanity?! They don't belong on this planet. Death is better for them. Freedom is not for everybody that's what they are telling me. They are white they can't possibly understand me. The is from the departement etnicity and language so she says. She's all round she's says. She' s a donkey. She doesn't know my kind. Yesterday they thought they were God. They bleed, they get sick and are evil rotten to the bone. How can they be God, please. Waisting my time with nonsense. 

Well Bye bye for now

Angeline Klas

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Robin Yan replied to Robin Yan's discussion CBC news and what happened in Cuba. shame on you.
"What Canadian diplomats undergo and suffer is " Sonic Attack"; while we undergo and suffer is " mental disorders "."
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Stephen O' Neill replied to Harry's discussion Victims Are Everywhere!
"Hi Harry , well if it is happening to me in shitty little Ireland then it is happening EVERYWHERE. I don't get tortured with V2K thank God , though I have had it a few times. What the continuously torture me with is mind control , whenever I am…"
51 minutes ago
Stephen O' Neill replied to Robin Yan's discussion CBC news and what happened in Cuba. shame on you.
"I hope to God our nightmare ends soon , when I see what CBS has to say it brings home how far we have to go (as I am a victim of electronic assaults and mind control). Lets hope that something comes of these diplomats being attacked , lets hope that…"
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Robin Yan commented on Robin Yan's blog post CBC news and what happened in Cuba. shame on you.
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Mind control

Mind control tortured yester day and today night also son of of ass axe md harish md aurz pharma bangalore I f u ck u. Son of highly country brute if u meet I kill u warring over .only punishments remains us. Don't worry I will punish u
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Robin Yan commented on Robin Yan's blog post CBC news and what happened in Cuba. shame on you.
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