Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

 i have been a TI since 1970 when 12 years old then i was forced to have a lot of unnecessary operation leaving scars everywhere in my body 12 to 16 years every time i came out of anesthic i would be fine having been near death before thios kept happening then at 16 to 18 they make me faint pass out when i walked down the road amy best friend had exact same thing and only 40 years later did i find out she too is  a TI the only thing in my life they allowed was for me to get my MSc at 25 years i went tho 6 months of the most unbarable pain every day that not even morphine tabs  would ease the doctor had to come out and inject me i have since found out unless they allow it no medication of any type works on TIs even alcohol or heroin it only works if the AIs allow it By my laste 20s all the many friends i had turned againt me for no reason i became totally isolated ( this was not my friends fault they where AI mind hacked and controlled to do this ) all thro my laste 20s and 30s and to mid 40s was a life of misery but it 2004 my TI programme leaped up 400% and i was battered with mind and body tortures every day and 2016 it went nuts again to every second of the day last 20 months have been behond hell i am utterly tortured to death all waking moments I am allowed to get some sleep but i have been in thro years of sleep deprivation i started the Overdosed this year first oral OD 100s of sleeping and propanalon tabs they had no effecdt at all Then in march 2018 i injected 100 sleeping tables thinking  i could outwit the AI But when nothing happened i called a ambulance and after bloods where taken in emergancy room A&E the lethal drugs all showed up but the doctors told me they had no idea why i was not at least in a coma or dead and they where even more baffled why i had no organ damage at all whereas i should have had total organ failure this will tell you how medication has no effect on Tis unless they allow it i have heard other TIs say alcohol and even heroin have no effect at all unless they allow it i am being electrocuted and poisioned and migrenes and nausia and burning skin and cramps everywhere and wildly ajitated and mad crazed frantic mind hyperstimulated and so many more too many to list its been this way 20 months a every second battering i am lucky if i get 60 mins ease like now where i can function at all i sit on one spot on chair 99% of all days being battered with EMF DEW torture really what is the point going on im 61 now and every year gets worse and worse especially since 2004 the few Tis i found like me are all dead now to suicide I know why i was targetted my mum in 1970 went to prison for 10 days for not paying a fine becasue the bin men where not empting our bins she was priotesting It is know in 1970 most Uk Ti s where selected from prisions and mental hospitals or that is the children of these parents they killed my mum when she was 42 and my father 48 both suddenly dropped dead thro heart attact but on post mortom nothing could be found wrong with their hearts they killed both my parent s so i would be left alone i was a only child and would be totally isolated even as a teenager there  is no point going on to face worse and worse torture until my body callapses which could be years Im pray no other Tis end up like me i am now 61 so its been a long hard struggle thro hell  to get to now and its getting worse God bless all you TIs this is the worse holocust ever

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