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Below is the account of my attempts to gain Humanitarian Asylum/Protection in Russia, Turkey and China,

Below is the account of my attempts to gain Humanitarian Asylum/Protection in Russia, Turkey and China, 

I had gangs of mostly Jewish criminals (but also Russians, Central Asians, West Europeans and Americans) ORGANISED STALKING me all around Moscow, and in my hotel.

Also I was very badly attacked - every day and night - by the USA Jewish nazis’ - directed energy and neurological weapons.

I went to the Russian Foreign Affairs Department to try to get Humanitarian Asylum - but they sent me to the Immigration Department - and they sent me to the Refugee Processing Office....................

Then I went to the Duma to try to get Humanitarian Asylum - but they sent me to the Presidential Administration - but they wouldn't even let me in the door.

Then I went to the old KGB office - and I got interviewed by two political security-type officers - they said they believed me - and they seemed quite sympathetic.

They said they would contact the 'Technical Section' to see if a block could be put on the weapons whilst I was in Moscow - but they said if it didn't happen in 24 hours it meant they couldn't do anything about it.

Nothing happened - and I was still attacked.

I also told them about Russian citizens being attacked, even people in the hostel I stayed in - just because I was staying there - and they said they were aware and worried about the problem.

I also told them about the Organised Stalking all around Moscow - but they didn't seem very interested.

Also in Istanbul I had gangs of mostly Jewish criminals (but also Turks, Central Asians, West Europeans and Americans) ORGANISED STALKING me all around Istanbul, and in my hotel.

Also I was very badly attacked - every day and night - by the USA Jewish nazis’ - directed energy and neurological weapons.

On the way back to Australia I tried to obtain Humanitarian Asylum in China but I was detained by Chinese Immigration and escorted to my plane.

I was also ORGANISED STALKED in Beijing Airport, Kiev Airport and in the aeroplanes I travelled in (Air China and Aerosvit).


Yes the Political - Security people in Moscow did interview me and seemed genuinely sympathetic and worried about the problem.

If you like I can give you the address in Moscow where I went - it's part of the old KGB building.

Unfortunately I forgot to get their names and information - but I went to that office with a sign in Russian that said "I REQUEST HUMANITARIAN ASYLUM" - and after a short wait I was interviewd by those Officers

John Finch

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Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on March 7, 2017 at 2:25am
John I'm in usa ny and this is happening me to me to. I'm trying to leave usa and see where I can go to get away from this. Did those men know before you saw them where you were staying? Maybe they were involved and didn't want to tell you? Did they say where they thought the weapons were coming from? Portable or satellite? Did they think it was sometime who followed you, who brought the weapon with them or was it a weapon already there in Russia, and that the Australian intelligence told them to attack you and use the Russian weapons by kgb or russian intelligence cops? Fbi is in Moscow, maybe they have access and dud this.I read that fbi controls the gang stalking and police in usa,cointelpro. They might have felt sympathetic but feeling that way and believing you(though they admitted they know about it, and it's good they believed you) didn't stop your attacks. They didn't help stop the attacks. Dud you only get attacked in the hostel? Were you attacked in public places there? I'm asking because I'm attacked in public and home and I don't knew I'd it's portable used in a van truck bright in to a public place or connected to the iPhone and satellites to activate the attack soaks being done to me.I'm being raped molested torture electric shocked induced intentional pain in body hands as directed aimed attacks.They are interfering with my day night they try to control everything I do and involve themselves they interfere they are holding me hostage I have no life I need help. I can't take living with this anymore. I'm not suicidal but II'm suffering they itch do creating sensations burns pain into muscles when writing this to try to stop distract me.They try to vinyl what I do.They forced me to eat food that had suffering in it became I immediately had nose stuffiness and nut sure if someone sneezed on food or cold or is a reason to a chemical or drug etc.They are about deception they manipulate try to persuade brainwash daily they do mind control of me.They physically torture me psychological torture they violate the Insidess of my organs body private parts.They mind controlled me to do tins just now street I wrote on here and persuade me to eat and do something but I went back to phone to write. They have taken years from me and I've been in a bed isolated from society. I'm a hostage and I doubt have to do what they say.I don't have to look act feel think the way they do ever. As long add I'm being remote controlled against my will and they use my eyes lie a camera lens over 5 years doing torture daily, there is no future or moving on moving forward to anything. I need freedom I need to be released from tis program in ny and my family members.any mistake I made in my life didn't equal what they have done and are doing.rape torture molestation is not brain research, it's not behavioral modification, it's not a brain initiative program, it's not weapons research.70% women are being targeted they are being raped my breathing is interfered with they have tried to suffocate me almost every day they electrocute electric sick my hands overt 5 years I have damages injuries, doctors in ny lie in medical record.I have no mental condition. I have no mental condition doing illegal entry, mail tampering, poisoning, spraying chemicals, stalking, spying, internet hacking interference blocking remote control of phone internet illegal surveillance of my phones casks texts emails websites photos remote control to shut my camera down against ny law on photography in public. I'm not camera happy or looking to invade privacy, I'm trying to collect proof lie other victims of crimes being done against me.They try to discredit me and victims if we take photos videos of perps or police. State police area not really pulling over drivers, they are on their laptops tracking me, waiting at checkpoints trying to make it look lie a pull over when its not, because tins haired to my phone timed to when they are around. They have devices connected to cell to
Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on March 7, 2017 at 2:30am
They think I'm a dumb woman.They treat me like I'm a child in awe or dumb retarded.They try to make me feel dumb assist childlike as if what I'm writing is gong to make tins didn't. They trick everyday. They want me to waste my time life on internet and think it's a life it's not.if I write they think ok now we can control her.
Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on March 15, 2017 at 9:37am
Where can I go to get away from the remote ctrl monitoring and v2k? If I just had gang stalking, I might have a better chance at having"a" life.


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