Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

A New Year, 2014, is less than 3 days away. As it comes in, out exits 2013 in the same number of days. I would like to congratulate all of us, myself included, for accomplishing the impossible: surviving hell like no one can ever imagine. And surviving each in his or her own way, yet while we survived together on this website. Offering support to one another. Offering shielding tips. Sharing information. Venting even. What we have proven is that, human will is incapable of being reduced to bits of zeros and ones. They can spend 2.3 trillion dollars  destroying our bodies, and inflicting pain beyond description. And yes, even killing us. But they cannot touch our souls. For here we are still standing for everything they cannot stand. Truth. Human decency. Justice.  Freedom. You are truly brave, and if it may appear to others that I am too, it is because I bathe in the warmth of the goodness of your hearts, and the courage in your bones.

As we enter 2014, I wish for all of us to mount even more resolve to hold on to who we are, and to stand together and resist efforts to sow seeds of 'divide and conquer' tactics .  I wish for all of us to believe more than we ever did before, that they will not win, and that we shall prevail in the end. For history is strewn with the skeletons of their ilk who tried in the past to impose their will, painfully, on unwilling and unwitting citizens. They failed. They will fail again. I wish for us to do our best to inform others in wise ways. I wish for us to do our best to protect our health by at least doing some exercises 3 times a week and eating one good meal a day, even though I am in so much pain all the time I cannot even afford to do this. I wish for us to keep thinking positive and offering help and support to others suffering like us. I wish for us to keep thinking of those suddenly missing amongst us, and to send them our best energies and wishes. But best of all, I wish for us to survive 2014, and beyond, so we could all live to see the day when the whole world stands aghast at the horrors visited upon us, in free democracies, of all places.  And to that end, I wish for non-violent unfoerseen events to catalyze the arrival of that day - just as Edward Snowden catalyzed the arrival of a day when the world came to know of other abuses. Survival in 2014 !

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"Suomi24:n linja alkaa todella valjeta. Kirjoitin HML palstalle sellaiseen jo pari vuotta olleeseen  ketjuun, joka on ihan täynnä rääpimistä pilkkaamista, halventamista osuen yleisemmin kaupungin touhuihin, mutta ihan…"
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YOU WONT HAVE AGENCY OVER YOUR OWN ACTIONS WHEN YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET OF BODIES.The Internet of Bodies is a system which is endorsed and backed by the World Economic Forum where your brain and central nervous system will become wirelessly connected from internal implants to a supercomputer and a network of computers by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Data will then be stolen from your brain and body and sent to a central location where a large number…See More
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"Folks "WW3" on purpose might just begin. Welcome to the Russian Federation."
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"Who Polices the Police? Thank God Almighty because crimes are unimaginable. Brain control is 1 aspect. It worst than it appears!!!!"
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"Cops are oblvious and horrors are happening. Jeffery Dalmer with top secret tech. Cattle mutilations are whistleblowers. Nazi KKK brutal."
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"Its scary. Child mutilation and gluing. Top secret medical glue. They are white men/women monsters. You cant imagine. Jeffrey Dalmer"
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"Divide & conquer. India/China China/Tibet India/Pakistan Israel/Iran North Korea/South Korea Ethiopia. Brain control white supremacy."
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"I know everything. Brain control is 1 aspect. They have what you call alien tech. Walk into your home and rape you unconsciencely. Nazi KKK."
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