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Are You Targeted? ( is an orientation and survival guide for targets of state-sanctioned, covert campaigns of terror. If you’re a target, you probably have no idea why so many people are coming after you; head on over to the orientation section to get an idea of what’s happening. Check out thesurvival section to understand the basics of how to protect yourself from the most damaging assaults. There’s also a list of articles which you can use to look up information quickly, as well as a site map.

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Targeting in a nutshell, for truth- or curiosity- seekers dropping in

After studying the targeting ecosystem, I have concluded that psychological warfare techniquesclandestine technologies, and large networks of informants have been used to eradicate or discredit whistleblowers and opponents of powerful people for decades. There are so many people involved that the mechanisms of targeting can’t be hidden. In essence, this is an open secret, kept out of the general public’s awareness by several factors which the masterminds behind targeting programs have fully accounted for:

  • The tactics used against targets are specifically designed to discredit them;
  • Bystanders who observe what’s going on find it is to their advantage to be willfully ignorant;
  • Most people who participate don’t know the full extent of what a campaign entails, and those who do know are afraid of having this machinery turned against them;
  • The most mentally unbalanced targets are assisted in publicizing their experiences;
  • There is widespread corruption and subversion of the agencies entrusted to maintain law and order, and of the mainstream media, which is supposed to uncover programs like these.

While these political weapons have been used against government officials and employees to keep them “in line” since the 1990′s or before, reports about this type of covert activity have been flooding in since 2001. It seems that there is now a global, and currently invisible, purge of undesirables underway. Interestingly, people who were illegally experimented on in previous government programs (such as MKULTRA), or targeted decades ago by governmental organizations like the East German Stasi, appear to be the highest value targets.

As we might expect from studying the mass purges of the 20th century, this pogrom has the implied support of the majority of the population. There is a societal dance of denial in progress, and it takes the willful ignorance of the general public to keep the dance going.

If you’re interested in learning more, you could study the orientation section, or read Mark Rich’s book on the subject, which was my orientation.




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Comment by LIM SC on December 17, 2010 at 1:14am

Interestingly, people who were illegally experimented on in previous government programs (such as MKULTRA), or targeted decades ago by governmental organizations like the East German Stasi, appear to be the highest value targets.


What are the criteria here to make the former victims the highest value targets ?


Comment by Chris on December 17, 2010 at 2:01am

By advocating for themselves and setting an example for others.

Please contact
Chris J. Brunson
Government Sponsored Stalking

Yahoo Groups:

Comment by franko on December 17, 2010 at 2:34am

The police and the governemnt are the main perps, all the T.I's know when they file complaints at the police station they never do any thing, their all part of these terrorist, they act like they never heard of this stuff even though its been happening for years and its all over the net. Dont trust corrupt cops never ever talk to to those conman. They will make up anything to try to arrest you same thing with the FBI never talk to those people,


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