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Brain Fingerprinting in Counter Terrorism:

Brain Fingerprinting in Counter Terrorism:

The Key to Investigating the Paris Terrorist Attacks, Preventing Future Attacks, and Responding humanely to the Migrant Crisis


The Paris Attacks, the Migrant Crisis, and the Pattern of Terrorist Attacks

The recent bloody terrorist attacks in Paris are the latest crimes in a series of escalating attacks against innocent civilians in Western countries.

The exodus of people from conflict zones in the middle east has unfortunately made the world a much more dangerous place. The influx of tens of thousands of migrants, including possible terrorist, has highlighted a critical lack in past counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and law enforcement capabilities: Authorities have been unable to distinguish between terrorists and innocents until it is too late when the terrorists have carried out their deadly attacks. This report examines how Brain Fingerprinting can effectively address this critical need.

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the same scenario has been repeated over and over again in Western countries:

  • Authorities are aware of a terrorist suspect, but…
  • They lack sufficient evidence of his terrorist affiliations, capabilities, and/or plans to take action, until it is too late, and…
  • The terrorist perpetrates a terrorist attack, causing…
  • Destruction and loss of life.

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have followed this same pattern. 

Please write letter campaigns to this editor and to the Brain Fingerprinting website.
Tell them your story of being a TI and our daily tortures, explain to them all the facts and documentation you've gathered through the years, and let them know you would be more than willing to take the TEST!
If we all start to offer our sides of our daily torture to these companies that have the way to relieve our daily gangstalking and our tortures we can either count them as a company that helped or a company that OPENELY denied our daily TOTURES!
In Jesus Christ Services
Wayne Morin Jr


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